Friday, January 30, 2015

Major dining area makeover with just a little Nippon paint!

I'm thrilled you loved my boys' new blue-and-white stripes room! It was such a fun project and I'm grateful that Nippon Paint sponsored it. Well, they were so happy with us and we were so happy with them, we found ourselves also tackling the dining room!

Our dining room used to be in the middle of our house. Here's what it looked like last May, during my second son's second birthday:

But a few months ago, we decided to move the dining table to the reading nook beside the windows so that the living area will be bigger. Now that we have three active boys (yes, our youngest is already crawling and walking with support!), we need all the room we can get! We love the bigger space and we love that we can see amazing city views when we eat, but there was nothing really special, looks-wise ba, sa bagong area:

Nippon Paint suggested an accent wall painted with their special textured Momento Paint. An accent wall is painting just one wall so that it stands out. It also makes the area feel more special. So since it was just one teensy-weensy wall, my husband Vince and I went for it!

It was fun choosing colors for our wall using the Color Creation app from Nippon Paint. I downloaded it from the iTunes store (it's free!), took a photo of my wall, and then picked colors to use. I had fun virtually painting the wall!

I also had fun painting the wall in real life! What wasn't so fun was painting it while a production crew took videos. Yes, we made another video of me painting walls!

Marami kasing takes kasi hindi ako artista so kailangan paulit-ulit at mas maarte pa raw (kasi medyo patay pala ang fez ko pag nagsasalita sa camera haha). Finally, the directors were happy with me!!! Hooray!

I was happy with my new accent wall painted with Nippon Paint Momento. Here's the video of our little makeover that made a big difference:

Thank you so much, Nippon Paint, for making our dining room more special!

You can find Nippon Paint at Handyman stores. Check their website for more information: Like their Facebook page, too, for more paint tips and design ideas:

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  1. You're so cute in the video, Frances! :)

  2. Artistahin! Ang cute ng acting mo Frances, may pagkandiritdirit pa, hahaha! :)

    Will try nga din sa wall ko dito sa living area. Ang bare masyado eh, parang lobby ng ospital. Hehe.

    1. Haha, ano ibig sabihin ng pagkandiritdirit???

  3. Ikaw talaga nagpaint ng buong wall? Wow..domestic goddess.


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