Sunday, January 11, 2015

Shopped our new fashion resolutions at Debenhams Estancia

This post is brought to you by Debenhams Estancia.

Over the holidays, the new Estancia Mall opened at Capitol Commons and my family dropped by (because we heard it was free parking before 2015!) to check it out.

We love it! Extra wide halls! Bright lights! It feels so modern and yet I don't feel like I'm trapped inside a building. It's designed so that the outdoors are let in—huge windows and skylights do the trick. It's a very small mall and when we went, there wasn't a lot of shops open yet, but we wanted to spend money on new clothes so we were happy to see that Debenhams was open.

Mommies, the kids section is soooo adorable. You have got to go and check it out! Vito and Iñigo usually deplore shopping but they liked the clothes so much, they were picking out what they wanted for themselves and for Piero. I had a really hard time picking stuff for my boys because I wanted to buy them all!

I checked out the clothes and shoes and bags for the ladies, too. Cardigans, sleek jackets, filmy blouses, dresses in sumptuous materials, lacy underthings... Sigh! I haven't shopped for myself in years. All my clothes now are gifts from brands or family! Looking through the racks really made me want to buy new stuff!

Well, after running around Debenhams, we finally picked clothes we loved. Check out our fashion resolutions and what we bought after the jump!

Fashion resolution for Vito #1: More shirts with attitude. 
My kids wear hand-me-downs from their cousins, so we've really never shopped for them. No need because all the clothes from their cousins are cute and preppy! But now that Vito's 4, he has his own personality and he is definitely not cute and preppy. He's very nerdy and serious and cool, so he needs clothes that will reflect that nerdiness.
Blue Zoo long-sleeved tee, P695
Blue Zoo long-sleeved tee, P695

Fashion resolution for Vito #2: Cool jeans. 
We love that the jeans for kids today are as cool (sometimes even cooler) as the jeans for grownups. You know, faded just so, tapered at the ankles. We also decided that Vito, being a big boy now, should graduate to long pants. He still prefers shorts so we are going to gradually replace all his beloved shorts with long pants.
Blue Zoo jeans with adjustable waist, P1750
Blue Zoo corduroy trousers, P1150

Fashion resolution for Iñigo #1: More shirts with attitude
Read explanation for Vito above. Iñigo has a really mischievous personality. Among all my kids, he's the one with the most fans on social media because of the twinkle in his eye and his naughty grin. So we decided his clothes should celebrate (or warn off others!) his sobrang kakulitan.
Blue Zoo shirt, P695
Blue Zoo long-sleeved tee, P795

Fashion resolution for Iñigo #2: Long pants to protect his legs
Iñigo crawls about, slides around, slips and climbs into anything. He's very active! So he gets scratches and abrasions and a lot of insect bites. Plus, ang itim na ng tuhod niya grabe. His legs need protection so we bought more pants!
Jasper Conran Junior jeans with suspenders, P1750
Blue Zoo chinos with rib waist, P1350

Fashion resolution for Piero: New clothes!
He's the youngest boy of three boys so he will naturally inherit what his brothers grow out of. Vince thinks this is sad. He thinks Piero should have new clothes all the time!

Jasper Conran Junior 3-piece set (shirt, hoodie, pants), P2550
Blue Zoo Baby 2-piece set (long-sleeved tee and sweater vest), P1550

Fashion resolution for Vince: No more old t-shirts
Vince said it's time he starts dressing his age. That means nicer shirts. Less shirts with logos and statements emblazoned on the front. More long sleeves. More collars. Basta nicer shirts from now on!
Red Herring gingham button-up shirt, P1950
Red Herring long-sleeved dark gray tee, P995

Fashion resolution for me: More lovely and sexy clothes
When I wasn't a mother yet, I always wondered why mommies just let themselves go. They stop dressing up. They stop wearing nice things. They just look drab and dowdy. What happened?

Well, now that I'm a mother (and a housewife at that!), I know why. It's hard to dress up because it's hard to even find time to take a shower! Then when you do dress up, the kids will just vomit on you, spill food and milk on you, and wipe their grubby hands and snotty noses on you. Why. Even. Bother.

So I stopped bothering. I just marinated in my ratty shirts and shorts and wore shapeless dresses made of t-shirt material. I was comfortable and practical. But was I beautiful? Was I happy? Did I celebrate my femininity? Was I an example of a woman who took care of herself, a woman I hope my sons will look up to, a woman my husband will be proud to be seen with?

No. No. No!

This year, I am going to dress better. And I am going to celebrate my being a woman. I am not just a mother. So I picked up some sexy things from this rack to remind me that I am more than a mommy.
Presence chemise and wrap, P3500

Our grand total was P19,425 but because there was a 30% discount when we shopped, we only paid P13,597! That's a savings of almost P6,000! I'm definitely going back to Debenhams Estancia to shop more!

How about you? What are your fashion resolutions this 2015? Do share in the comments below!

Debenhams Estancia is at 2/F Estancia at Capitol Commons, Pasig City. There's also a Debenhams at Shangri-la Plaza in Mandaluyong. Shop now for great finds and great deals!

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  1. My baby has a few pieces of Debenhams. And I could say that it's really my favorites. The style is classic. And very pam-baby. Plus the material is also super nice. I love it. Our Debenhams are hand me downs. So I'm glad to know na meron na palang store dito. Yey!

  2. do they have nice selection of dresses for plus size women?

    mrs. reese


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