Monday, January 26, 2015

The boys' room is all bold blue stripes!

This post is brought to you by Nippon Paint.

Thanks to Nippon Paint Odour-less Air Care Paint! They totally sponsored the kids' room makeover!

Since the day we had Vito, our eldest, Vince and I knew we would have to transform our home office into the kiddie room. But we enjoyed co-sleeping with him. And then Iñigo arrived and we said, "Okay, we really have to give up the study!" But, kahit mas masikip, super enjoy pa rin kami to sleep with our two little boys.

But when Piero arrived middle of last year, Vince and I knew the time had come for the older boys to move out. Our reasons:
1. We didn't fit in the queen-sized bed anymore.
2. The study had the crib and the kids' toys so Vince and I couldn't work there anymore anyway. Ang gulo masyado!
3. The older boys needed a place dedicated to play. Their toys were scattered all throughout the house!

We were really planning the makeover na but budget concerns held us back. So I prayed about it and guess what? Nippon Paint approached me and said they're willing to sponsor the makeover!!! So after my birthday in November, we did it! Here's the story:

Nippon Paint inspected our walls first and they discovered that our walls had a problem with chalking. Yan yung nagri-react yung paint sa chemicals sa cement so namumuti siya. So we had to use primer on the walls first.

 The boys inspect their room.

Nippon sent their master painter to oversee the entire project. That's him up there. He's super mabait and talagang ang dami niyang alam about paint! He was so patient with me and the boys when we helped him paint.

After the primer dried, Nippon Odour-less Air Care Paint in white and blue were applied on the walls. Our peg was stripes so that's what we did. The big boss of Nippon Paint visited our home himself to give his advice. We were thinking kasi na vertical stripes but he said horizontal stripes were better since the room was sooo tiny. Horizontal stripes would widen it. And those big horizontal stripes sure did make the room feel bigger! Thanks so much for the visit and the expert opinion!

Vito was sooo happy with the room's progress! And the paint really is odorless! I even let the kids help me paint the room. That made them really happy, to be part of their room's makeover.

Late at night while the boys slept in the master's bedroom, Vince and I scraped away paint droplets and wiped down the shelves. It truly was a DIY project of the whole family!

Here's Nippon Paint shooting a video of the makeover. Vito and Iñigo joined me. It was a lot of fun!

And here's the boys' room!
The first night in their room. Wala pa silang bed!
We bought an IKEA bunk bed, which the boys love!
Mattresses and sheets are the final touch!
He sleeps with his brothers sometimes because he loves the boys' room, too!

Here's the video!

I really do recommend Nippon Paint Odour-less Air Care Paint. Sobrang daming reasons that I mentioned in the video. As a mom, I find it important that it's safe for my kids. Okay pa sa budget kasi quality paint siya and very affordable. Okay sa akin as a homemaker kasi resistant talaga siya sa dumi at madaling linisin. And we were so shocked kasi ang lamig na ng kwarto! That room used to be the hottest room in the house, but after the Nippon Paint makeover, it's the coolest room! We don't know why!!! Basta we're so happy with Nippon Paint. Thanks so much for making the boys' new room a joy!

You can find Nippon Paint at Handyman stores. Check their website for more information: Like their Facebook page, too, for more paint tips and design ideas:

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  1. the room look very very cute and clean!

    got the planner - did'nt get the chance to inform u asap! :)


    1. Hooray! Have a great (and organized!) year =)

  2. Where did you get the bed sheets (spiderman and batman) :)

    1. From Pottery Barn Kids, in BGC. A twin set (one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, one pillow case) is 4K. There's Star Wars and Avengers pa =)

  3. Lovely Nippon Paint CIY commercial model Mommy Frances (^^,) i also adore VIPs room!!

    1. Aww! Thanks! I also love their room now. Pero lagi na lang makalat!!! But at least now, medyo contained na the mess. Dati kasi buong bahay ang gulo nila! =)

  4. Oh my.. You have such a cute voice and you look so young, with three kiddos and all that.
    God bless you and your beautiful family.

    1. Thank you! Everyone says I'm boses ipis haha Tama naman sila haha!

      God bless you, too!

  5. hi frances! the room is so cute and your boys too.

    by the way can I ask how did you get the ikea bed? did you have it shipped from abroad? :)

    1. I got it from an expat family for just P6,000! It's not even a year old! =D

  6. Hi Mommy Frances, where did you buy yung solar system na nasa floor?

    1. That's a Comflor mat. I LOVE IT SOBRA GRABE!!! It's a tad expensive at almost 7K but super worth it siya. It's slip-proof, super soft but firm, is made of high quality memory foam, easy to clean, doesn't get dirty easily either, and baliktaran ang designs. Plus the designs are super stimulating to all my boys. You can buy it from Mothercare =D

  7. how many square meters is your place? :)

    1. 110sqm. It's a big space! 2BR, 2 bathrooms, a big kitchen, maid's quarters, utility area, and views of south, west and east of Manila!


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!