Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My village

This is my village.

I began motherhood not knowing what to do, not knowing if I'm capable of the job. I didn't have a mother anymore (but even if I did, Mama never liked kids so...) and all my friends weren't mothers yet. Entering motherhood with just books to guide me was small comfort. Thank goodness for my neighbors!

We were pregnant together, gave birth within months of each other, attended each other's baptisms and dedication ceremonies, watched over our kids at the playground and at home, supported each other when our marriages were rocky, prayed for each other when we were failing at parenting, celebrated when we were succeeding in our careers, our marriages and our mothering. We were there for each other! When that old saying, "It takes a village to raise a child," I think of my neighbors, my Praying Wives ladies, my friends.

Our paths are now taking us to different places. Our schedules are never in sync. The last time we were all together was first week of January, a belated holiday party and despedida because one of us moved away. We are always promising we'll see each other, but we don't.

Our season may be over. The village is breaking up. When we talked about this late one night over at Facebook, we were crying. Did God plan us to be together because we were all new moms struggling to make marriage and career work while being devoted to demanding little creatures? We certainly understood each other and were there to support, encourage, hug, pray, cook, feed each other. I guess, now that we're stronger and better and more sure of ourselves, God intends us to be of help to someone else.

I still don't want the village to break up. These are the women who held me together when I was breaking apart! I can't imagine life without them. But life is moving us away and apart so I want to honor them all. Earl, Claire, Dada, Cathee, Maan, Tricia, thank you for being mommies to my kiddies and a friend to me. I honor you and bless you. May all women have the village we have.

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  1. Frances, I can very well relate to you about the village breaking up. Not having these people who supported you in all those stages of your life, be present like they used to be, can be scary, sad and somehow disorienting. I felt that way when I could not meet with my friends anymore simply because we were in different seasons of our lives. But it doesn't mean they are forever gone. :) You may be entering in a new season, where you now will be that kind of support to othersn or that you are about to discover an entire new village who will embrace you with the same love and nurturing though in a different way to help you face the new joy and challenges ahead. Kudos to all you women! May we find a village like yours. <3

    1. Thank you for this encouragement. That is what I also believe =)

  2. That made me tear up a bit. What a blessing to have a community like that! I wish I could be part of a praying mommy group too.God bless!


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