Thursday, March 5, 2015

From BDJBox: 7 Tips to Survive Postpartum Hair Loss

I’m in the midst of losing my hair. Lots and lots of it. Handfuls. Every single day.

Since this is the third time this has happened to me, I’m not upset anymore. I know losing hair after giving birth is normal and temporary. You see, we all lose hair every day but when we’re pregnant, our increased estrogen levels stop this daily shedding. That’s one of the few things I love about pregnancy—my extra thick, super lush hair!

After we give birth and our estrogen levels drop back to normal, however, all the hair that we should’ve lost now fall out. So if we lose 100 strands a day, then multiply that by 365 days (shedding starts at 3 months postpartum so 9 months of pregnancy plus 3 months postpartum), that means we’re suddenly shedding 36,500 strands! It’s so scary! Nothing we do will make that hair stay put, so let it go. Say this again and again: “This is temporary!”

Anyway, new hair grows to replace the loss so you’ll just have to be patient. Right now, I’m 6 months postpartum as I type this [I'm 8 months postpartum as I publish this!] and I can already see half an inch of new baby hair all over my scalp. Hooray! While I wait for all my hair to grow back, let me share with you how I’m dealing with postpartum hair loss:

1. Eat healthy.
While postpartum hair loss is normal, don’t neglect your health. Eat food rich in iron, protein, Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. You can’t do anything to keep your extra hair, but you can help new growth by eating a healthy diet.

2. Be extra gentle.
Now is not the time to style heavily. Skip blowdrying, teasing, curling, straightening, coloring and, if you can help it, even brushing! When you do need to tame your locks, use a wide-toothed comb and comb gently starting from the tips then going higher with each stroke.

3. Use products that control hair fall or care for your roots.
You’re already losing hair from the roots so use products that strengthen the hair shaft. This way, you won’t lose even more hair from breakage. I also use products that care for the scalp and encourage hair growth to help the new baby hairs growing.

For the rest of my 7 tips, visit (click here!).

Hi readers! This month, I'm editing both my blogs to prepare for migration to Wordpress. So I won't be blogging much (except for my sponsors!). Because I don't want you to have nothing to read, I'm republishing my articles in here. Enjoy my beauty news and reviews! 

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