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See Singapore! A Great Egg-Venture and more Easter treats await the family!

For the first time ever, a guest post! My family was generously invited by the Singapore Tourism Board to check out their beautiful country. Since my baby Piero didn't have a passport yet and his vaccines weren't complete, we had to decline. Imagine my amazement when the Singapore Tourism Board extended their invitation to anyone I want to go! So I asked for volunteers and Kaye Estoista-Koo, an entertainment, lifestyle and travel writer, was the lucky pick! Kaye will regale us with her fab four-day trip, which I hope will encourage my readers to visit Singapore. I know I want to go! Enjoy!

Are you a mom of kids of different ages, all with different tastes and whatnot? Are you always struggling to match their interests with the family vacation you're planning? 

In this post, let me take you to an island that you may or may not have visited already and let's rediscover together how you and your family can have fun—all at the same time and all together!

If you've noticed, Sentosa Island has been the highlight of this #yoursingapore #thegreateggventure blog series. From taking you where to stay to what to eat (I know I made you hungry because I made myself salivate all over again just writing it!), we've given you a pretty comprehensive list of ideas.

Well, I'm gonna give you a few more reasons to visit one of our closest and most affluent neighbors. I wish I could give you 50 separate ones but for now let's look at this list of what's in store or what you and the family can do, especially if you visit Singapore this coming Easter weekend.

Singapore is celebrating its Jubilee year: that's 50 years since the founding of the modern city-state of Singapore. The Sentosa Harbourfront Business Association (SHBA), for the second year in a row, has come up with The Great Egg-Venture. It started March 21 but because of the death of their beloved first Prime Minister and founding father Lee Kwan Yew, it has been extended to April 12 instead of ending on April 5. 

Mayor Low Yen Ling and SHBA representatives with the cutest newly hatched chicks ever!

Great Egg-Venture Hunt
We got to road-test the Great Egg-Venture for you and while we didn't find all of the 100 giant eggs they hid all over Sentosa, we got to experience first-hand the intention of this hunt: the giant eggs (you actually can't miss them, they are huge!) are all in strategic spots on Sentosa Island and as you do the hunt, you'll get to experience Sentosa in a whole new way. 

Be sure to take selfies! If you join the hunt, you can upload your selfies via the app they created for this. Or do what we did as we took selfies when and where we could. The designs were all painted by local Singapore communities and groups except for the 8 eggs inside Universal Studios Singapore which had to pass Hollywood approval and standards! Sosyal!

Great Egg-Venture Auction
Aside from the fact that prizes are at stake, the Great Egg-Venture is also tied in with the SG@50 celebrations with an additional 50 normal-sized but still larger than actual chicken eggs. These 50 special eggs, all designed and painted by leading artists from the region, are up for auction to raise funds for Very Special Arts Singapore, a charity that provides people with disabilities access to arts in order to integrate them back into society. 
Most of the eggs were designed in such a complicated manner but they all started with the same base. One artist chose to forego the base and carved these eggs from brass (he is a metal artist).

Sentosa 4D Adventureland
Sentosa 4D Adventureland is an area on Sentosa Island where your family can all agree to have fun together. Guaranteed. The Journey 2 The Mysterious Island 4D Experience, based on the movie starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, will appeal to your older kids, especially the boys. Us girls had fun here especially because the combined wind, water and other effects took us on a wild ride!

We also went on the Green Lantern Fight Against Fear ride, one of the newest rides in this section. If you've missed the Green Lantern franchise, you'll have your fill here with the out-of-this-world effects.

Aside from that, the 4D Virtual Simulation Ride called Extreme Log Ride and Desperados Interactive 4D Shoot-out Game are crowd-drawers all year round. Make sure you come here on a not-so-full stomach as all the rides are sure to take you up, down, sideways, diagonal and more.

The Skyline Luge Sentosa
The tagline says it all. Once is never enough.

I've always enjoyed this and I make sure to max out the three rides one ticket allows. You can get here via cable car or walk over to either the Imbiah or Beach entrance.

The luge is something kids of all sizes and adults, too, will enjoy. We had a wonderful time here, riding down carefree and fast, when we found out that there was a giant egg on the track. Because you have to hold your luge ride with both hands we were blown away when we found out the only guy in our group was able to take a selfie with the egg while maintaining his hold on the luge ride. Take note, the smallest kids won't be allowed down on their own, but they can ride in tandem with an adult. 

Wings of Time
It had rained earlier in the day so I'm glad we were booked for the last show—revealing clear skies once again and an ocean as still as a pond. 

Located on the Silosa Beach Walk, this attraction is perfect after a dinner at Coastes. We have nothing like it in the Philippines so be sure to include this in your trip. The basic framework is big panels where the whole history of the Earth is told through the journey of a phoenix and two kids. It uses watch-out technology but fused with water displays, laser and fire effects ending in a magnificent, really awesome fireworks display.

Last post on this eggciting Singapore series later!

Kaye Estoista-Koo is a guest writer for Topaz Mommy specifically for this #yoursingapore #thegreateggventure series. Kaye is a lifestyle and features writer for the entertainment website, a contributing writer for Manila Bulletin's lifestyle and travel section, a website content writer, an events script writer, and the go-to of a PR group that would like their various brands to be highlighted in a major TV station. 

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