Thursday, April 2, 2015

My kids test the new Pampers Baby Dry diapers (but not in the way you think!)

This post is brought to you by the all new Pampers Baby Dry.

Today, Vito and Iñigo were so happy to be in Mama's Laboratory!

Today, being a nothing-to-do kinda day, we all decided to do a little experiment. We were going to put the new Pampers Baby Dry diaper to the test and see if it really keeps baby bums dry and comfy.

As a Pampers user (well, my kids use it, not me, although there was this one time...), I know full well that all the kinds of Pampers diapers do keep babies dry and comfortable. Magaling siya mag-absorb. Mabilis and it keeps the wetness away from the surface of the diaper, kahit na anong galaw at likot pa ni baby. I know this kasi tatlo na babies ko and all of them were driest and happiest with Pampers. Walang spillage, walang skin irritation. That's why we've been loyal Pampers users since 2010!

Anyway, I wanted to do this experiment because I missed it at the #FirstsWithPampers party. New ambassador Andi Manzano-Reyes (she's the lovely preggy woman) showed the mommies the Pampers magic but I didn't see it because I was busy breastfeeding my baby Piero.

So today, my boys and I took out a couple of diapers, made some colored water, and asked Blue Bear 1 and Blue Bear 2 to sacrifice their furry butts to science.

So are we ready?!?
I guess the boys are ready!

We started our experiment by filling two bottles with colored water: green for Pampers, blue for Brand X. This is for your benefit para makita niyo na inubos namin lahat ng 250ml of green water for Pampers and lahat din ng 250ml of blue water for Brand X. Hindi labis, hindi kulang, hindi halo!

After pouring all of the contents of their bottles onto the diapers, they got their Blue Bears and pressed the butts of said furry creatures onto the full diapers.

Then Vito applied mega pressure.

And now our findings:
  1. Pampers absorbed the liquid faster than Brand X. This means baby pee will have less contact with baby's skin!
  2. Both surfaces felt dry. That's great!
  3. When pressure was applied, the butt of Blue Bear 2 (which tested Brand X) became moist. This means when baby is carried or when he's malikot or sits up or falls on his butt, pee will come out of the diaper and wet baby's skin again!
  4. Wetness indicator of Brand X did not activate. This is because it's just a little spot on the back of the diaper so kung hindi siya mabasa, it won't alert the parents. The wetness activator of Pampers is a yellow line that runs throughout the length of the diaper so whether mabasa ang harap (pag boy) or yung likod (pag girl), parents can tell agad!
The winner for me (as always!) is Pampers Baby Dry!

Watch more fab reasons why Pampers Baby Dry is THE BEST DIAPER!!!
  • It absorbs a large amount of pee even though it's such a small diaper because of its Magic Gel. (watch video)
  • It keeps baby dry for up to 12 hours. (watch video)
  • It has stretchy sides so that diaper stays on and baby stays comfy even if malikot at busog! (watch video)

Be a Pampers Mommy na rin like Topaz Mommy! Mwah!

The new Pampers Baby Dry is available at supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.

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