Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Review: The new Pampers Baby Dry diaper

This post is brought to you by the all new Pampers Baby Dry.

I got free diapers! Again! I love that Pampers loves my kids so much that they send over diapers regularly. From the moment Vito was born in 2010! These gifts have freed up a chunk of my grocery budget to buy other goodies for the boys. Thanks so much, Pampers!

The delivery early last year. We haven't used it all up yet!
My boys use the Active Baby diaper because, well, my boys are active babies. But for my latest delivery from Pampers, they sent me their latest, newest and best diaper—the Pampers Baby Dry. Here's my review!

What I liked:
If you've been reading my blog for a good long while, you'd know I have sung praises many times for Pampers diapers. My reasons for loving the diapers before are still my reasons now:
  1. Pampers guarantees dryness that lasts for up to 12 hours. This is true. You know when I said in the above photo that we haven't used up our delivery from last year? That's because we really do just have two diaper changes a day! (My friend, fellow mom and blogger Lee Shen Cala-or of Shen's Addictions said that you can't do that with girl babies because they get UTI.)
  2. The diapers are imbued with moisturizing properties. My babies' butts are soft and smooth. H
  3. Softness like cotton. The new diaper is softer! 
  4. Breathable cover. It keeps wetness in but lets air in and out. My boys' skin, both Iñigo and Piero, their skin is hindi parang babad sa moisture or pawis. Alaga!
  5. Comfy fit. The fit is made even better now with the stretchy tape. This tape is stronger and even more flexible. It moves with the baby, kahit anong likot at galaw. It stays stuck, too. I can't stand tape that gets detached!
It stretches at the sides so it expands with baby's movements.

What I didn't like:
Nothing! It's a better and improved version! And I'm not saying this just because this is actually a sponsored review; I'm saying this because it's a fact. I really truly love the new Pampers Baby Dry. I urge my mommy readers to try this new diaper on your babies and toddlers!

I'm not the only one who got free diapers, by the way. I'll tell you all about the great big diaper giveaway Pampers had for moms all over the Philippines in my next post!

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  1. Hi Frances,

    I have a 4-month old boy and while he hasn't gotten UTI (no jinxing!), boys can still get UTI daw.

    As of now, we use the old Pampers Active Dry - pinakyaw namin sa Landmark kasi nag-buy 1 take 1 dahil sa new Pampers Baby Dry hahaha. As it is, it stays dry nga and no leaks.

    You're so lucky you get sent diapers - that's a huge chunk out of the grocery budget! :)

    1. Yes, boys can get UTI, too. Buti na lang Pampers is sooo good at keeping my boys dry so the chance for bacteria growth and infection is minimized!

  2. Im so excited to use pampers dry for my twins soon. Can't wait to experience many #firstwithpampers moments. Super duper thanks for your generosity and of course for pampers philippines for giving the best product for all moms out there.

  3. Mamy Poko Diapers is still the best, or for cheaper alternative use EQ Diapers instead of Pampers

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion and I'm glad you had an excellent experience with Mamy Poko and EQ. Mamy Poko was actually the first diaper I tried for my firstborn and it leaked all the time. EQ I've never tried because Pampers really keeps my kids dry and comfy. I just never felt the need to look for another brand!

  4. I had tried EQ, Happy and other inexpensive diapers. EQ was ok until my daughter reached 7 months. I needed to change her diaper at 3am kasi hindi na siya komportable. So, I switched to Pampers. It keeps her dry talaga.

  5. Napansin ko lang, when they repackaged yung active baby hindi na sya gaya ng dati na super dry talaga. I've been using that since my first baby at talagang nagbago. Cguro inilagay nila ung technology ng active baby noon sa baby dry ngaun. Maybe that's the reason why they sent you baby dry instead. Will sure to buy baby dry as soon as maubos na ung active baby stock ko.


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