Thursday, May 7, 2015

A peek at Piero's baptism in a special baby book!

This post is brought to you by the all new Pampers Baby Dry.

Last month, Piero was baptized. We had a lovely time with just family, celebrating this milestone in our baby boy's life. I have a lot of photos to share and I will share them with you soon! But here's a sneak peek of the online photo album I'm currently making:
Yes, Pampers! Pampers has an app on their Facebook page called Baby Book. You can find it on the tabs right under the cover photo. I'm in the middle of making the photo album but I wanted to just tell you about this app as I'm doing it kasi syempre I won't be able to share with you the album kasi we'll have to be Facebook friends hehe.

But don't worry! I'll still blog about Piero's baptism naman but hindi ko na isasama photos ng mga cousins nila.

So anyway. Which cover photo for the album should I use: the one above or the one below:

It's a simple-enough-to-use app. Just upload your photos and write about them! If you use photos from your Facebook albums, comments will appear agad when you share the Baby Book with your FB friends.

Woah. Wait. I just realized that I'm doing my album wrong!

Hehe I am obviously blogging and then Facebooking at the same time.

Anyway! I can't use it pala for just one event kasi one photo equals one story. 
So I should name the album, "Piero's Life" and then I could do a monthly photo series, or his milestones. Or maybe the album should be called "The SalesVIPs!" and then just post all the photos of all three brothers! That'll be my perfect Mother's Day gift to myself!

Okay, so I have stuff to do now! I'll go na to Facebook and finish my Baby Book! If you want to try it out, just go to the Pampers Facebook page now. Have fun, mommies!

P.S. Piero's baptism soon!

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  1. Gonna try ds to my journey to motherhood and their milestone too. Thanks for sharing po Ms. Frances:)


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