Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Baby shower gift idea: Halo SleepSack

I still remember when a blog reader pointed out from a photo she saw on this blog that my kids (back then, my kids were just Vito and Iñigo) were sleeping with too many pillows and blankets around them. "That's not safe," she said. "They are in danger of getting suffocated or strangled."

Thankfully, that never happened. But point taken! So when my third baby, darling Piero, came around, I was ready with the Halo SleepSack Swaddle blankie.
Baby P fresh at our hospital room! He wears the SleepSack Swaddle with his arms free.
Here's Piero with his arms all tucked in to prevent the startle reflex that wakes babies up.

A SleepSack is a wearable blanket and it's designed in such a way that baby is swaddled in it and will never get entangled, strangled or suffocated (if wrapped correctly, of course). It's nice and soft, warm but not too warm. It's snug but adjustable so it grows with baby. It also helps that these SleepSacks come in the cutest designs. Not too cute, just classic. I highly recommend getting one (or two!) for your friends (or for yourself!) who are expecting bundles of joy.

I really love the Halo SleepSack so much that it's my Number 1 gift to expecting moms. I made sure I gave one to my friend Elaine, who is about to pop this month. I had to because her husband is a nurse and he insisted to me back when I was the pregnant one that Halo SleepSacks are approved by pediatric doctors and nurses. So of course I gave his wife a Halo SleepSack!

I also featured it in Baby Magazine:

Okay, I'm writing this review and recommendation because people ask me all the time for gift ideas for baby showers. While I always say the usual (baby grooming products, diapers, onesies), these suggestions sometimes aren't hiyang to baby's skin (or to mommy's taste haha). A Halo SleepSack, however, is always a welcome gift because it's not just something cute, it's also a safety device. And what parent can say no to something that will keep their babies safe, snug and sleeping well? If you're having a baby, you have a baby, or you know someone expecting a baby, give the gift of safe sleep!

I buy the Halo SleepSack at Mothercare and from their website (shop here). Like their Facebook page to find out more.

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  1. Superlike...gonna buy ds for my twins as soon as they arrive. Heard a lots of good review from other moms about ds product:)

  2. I love Halo!! My daughter is a Halo baby. I use the sleepsack, not the swaddle type coz my baby hates being swaddled. Weird. She was able to use her sleepsack until her 7th month. Tapos that's the only time we changed into a bigger size. Sobrang sulit. I almost always bring it with me kahit pag lalabas. Kasi my baby was born February so mainit sa labas but the AC on the malls or other establishments are super lakas naman, Halo kept her warm and comfy. I love it talaga.


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