Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Clara Olé threw a birthday party for Iñigo!

This post is brought to you by Clara Olé.

Clara Olé is not an auntie or grandma of my three-year-old boy. Clara Olé is a food company specializing in pasta sauces, meat marinades, dips for chips and veggies, salad dressings, rice mixes, and syrups, jams and jellies. I'm a Clara Olé fan because I don't have lots of time to cook. But now I just open a pack of Clara Olé pasta sauce and I have spaghetti for my kids or pesto for me. My husband loves the pork barbecue cooked with the hickory marinade. Clara Olé is my cooking partner!

So when Clara Olé said they'll throw a birthday party for Iñigo plus a Mother's Day food workshop for my mommy friends, I just had to say yes! This party is part of their fun summer campaign, Potluck Foodfest. I'm so happy they picked me to be part of it!

Since it's Iñigo's party, the theme was Disney Pixar Cars, his favorite movie (just like his Kuya Vito when Vito was 2!). The function rooms at our condo were decorated to look like a race track. So fun!

All the drinks, dishes and desserts at this Foodfest birthday/Mother's Day party were made with Clara Olé products. Take the pancake and waffle station, for example. Waffles drizzled with Clara Olé Truly Fruity syrups and topped with candy and Clara Olé Maraschino Cherries!

I'll list all the dishes served in another post and provide you with recipes! For this post, let me tell you about the fun party. We started off with some games. Clara Olé's Johanna Juban was our host and she asked my mommy friends for their #DiskarTIPS.
With Claire.
With Cathee and her son, Ivan.
With Dada, a.k.a. Bouncy House provider!  
Yes, the birthday boy was asleep on my shoulder throughout the program. Ang bigat grabe!

Next, Kaye Sy-Catral of BentoMommas dropped by to show us moms how to create fun baon for our kids. Very useful tips lalo na't pasukan na soon!
That's a checkered apple, chicken nuggets, spaghetti with Clara Olé pasta sauce, and a flat
ham and cheese sandwich shaped like Lightning McQueen.
It wasn't all talks and games. My family and friends had time to catch up with each other while the kids played in the inflatable house (thanks, Dada!!!).
With Maan and her daughter, Eliana.
Bouncing boys.
Even little Piero couldn't resist the bouncy house.

And now for the part where our birthday boy blows out his candle:

Clara Olé made sure to be super generous with all the mommies who attended our Foodfest by filling up big storage boxes with Clara Olé products. My sister-in-law, Lizelle, was amazed! Even I was shocked. Thanks so much, Clara Olé, for being good to me and to my loved ones!

Iñigo had such a great time! Here he is showing off his butt-butt to the cameras. It's his thing. Toddlers and toilet humor talaga! But he won't be a toddler for long so I'm going to relish this.
Showing his Kuya Vito some love.

Thank you so much, Clara Olé, for the amazing birthday party! Thanks for holding it at our condo so we felt at home. Thanks for the fabulous Cars theme that Iñigo so loved (he was part of the approval process haha). Thanks for the informative games and workshop. Thanks for the gifts for every single family on our guest list. And thanks for creating delicious and healthy and convenient products that families can enjoy!

Most of all, thank you for making my little boy happy. That's all a mommy wants and I definitely got that. Thank you, Clara Olé!

Your parties can be easy, too. Whip up easy but delicious dishes that will amaze your guests with Clara Olé! For more ideas, like their Facebook page. Yum!

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  1. I love Clara Ole. Their spreads, the instant sauce, the pancake syrups!!! Very yummy but still affordable. We have Clara Ole products lagi on the grocery list. :)

  2. Inigo blowing the candle in his cake is so cute. Your family is blessed indeed!


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