Friday, May 29, 2015

Toblerone celebrated Iñigo's birthday

I'm not yet done with this kwento! Iñigo's birthday was made more special by Toblerone and their fun #TobleroneBirthdays gifts!

We were so lucky to have Toblerone give Iñigo three huge cakes—one for each year of his fabulous life, and each cake emblazoned with his favorite Lightning McQueen.

Okay, I know those photos show only two cakes. I somehow forgot to take a photo of the third one!

Haha, look at how Iñigo made pindot na his cakes.

Toblerone also gave us buckets of chocolates. We gave each kiddie guest chocolates and we still had lots left over. Wow!

Blowing out his candle on his Toblerone cake.
Birthday boy enjoying one of his cakes.

Happy birthday indeed. Thanks soooo much, Toblerone, for your #TobleroneBirthdays gifts!

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