Monday, May 25, 2015

Topaz Mommy x Bobbi Brown basic makeup application workshop

Two weeks ago, a few of my readers joined me for a fun session learning makeup from Bobbi Brown's absolutely gorgeous makeup artists. It was my Mother's Day gift for me and my readers (and two bloggy friends, Martine and Ginger) and, boy, did we have tons of fun!

The workshop was held at Bobbi Brown's biggest boutique and training facility at Megamall.

It was outfitted like a huge classroom, with makeup stations, large well-lit mirrors plus swing mirrors for close-ups, and high chairs for comfortable makeup application.

Each makeup station was stocked with delicious palettes, bottles, tubes and pots of Bobbi Brown makeup.

All of us mommies arrived with bare faces. As in walang-walang makeup! After all, it was a makeup lesson so we bravely left our homes without a pat of tinted foundation man lang!

I liked it, come to think of it. I liked that for my very first Topaz Learning Workshop, my very first event where I met my readers, I was as honest as possible and my readers were just as honest with me—bare, naked, flaws all out in the open, and yet we were not concerned with those flaws. In fact, walang nakapansin. Feeling namin lahat na ang ganda-ganda namin!

After our workshop, we were even more gorgeous! But I like it that at the very start, we were already comfortable in our own skin.

The workshop started with all of us swatching our jawline for the perfect foundation shade. Here is Sheng Marasigan, very on trend in denim.

After we figured out our foundation shade, we were all ushered in to Bobbi Brown's classroom. Yes, there is a classroom in the store! We did not know that! A secret wall slides open and—tada!—classroom!
The very first Topaz Learning Workshop class! From left: (front row) Sheng Marasigan, Celerhina Aubrey, (middle row) Kaity Bato, Ginger Arboleda, (last row) me, Martine de Luna with her baby Krista, Love del Rosario and Mafeth Molina.

We're just about to start our lesson here. Barefaced beauties, diba? Bobbi Brown's makeup trainer Tamara Pineda led the workshop.
I met Tamara at a photo shoot for BABY Magazine when
she did the makeup of our mom model, Marilen Montenegro.

Tamara clearly understood what mommies need: makeup that won't take up too much time and counter space and is simple to apply. Mommies also are concerned with budgets and Bobbi Brown isn't cheap but Tamara addressed that issue by saying that multi-purpose products cut down on application time and double your money's worth. She gave as example the Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation which isn't just a foundation, but also acts as sunscreen, anti-aging serum, and moisturizer!

After the lessons, we had lunch specially prepared by my favorite bento box maker, Eats Happy! Just look at this special lunch box:
That's a tin of lasagna topped by a yummy "eyeshadow palette" and "lipstick", flat mini sandwiches spelling MOM resting on veggies, cordon bleu bites, and a chocolate cupcake. Sooo delicious! Super favorite ko talaga ang Eats Happy!!! Thanks so much, Eats Happy! More on them in another blog post soon.

After lunch, all the mommies went to their makeup stations and applied what they learned from Tamara. Makeup artists assisted each and everyone. I love how helpful Bobbi Brown's MUAs are!
Martine and Krista

While everyone was getting dolled up, I was busy giving away prizes! Every mom went home with sample sizes of Soothing Cleansing Oil, Extra Bright Advanced Serum, and a tube of lip gloss. Since it was a class and I wanted the moms to jot down notes, all the moms and the Bobbi Brown girls received Leuchhturm1917 journals in my favorite color, orange. I love these journals! A review on Topaz Horizon soon. Thank you so much, National Book Store!

Plus, we raffled off Bobbi Brown's latest book, Everything Eyes, and a pot of Longwear Gel Eyeliner.

Kaity and Sheng were the lucky winners!

And here we all are after our basic makeup application lesson—Pretty Powerful, as Bobbi Brown loves to say!

Simple and fabulous! Every woman, mothers especially, should feel that way! We do so much and give so much to everyone and everything that we forget to care for ourselves. In my experience, when I'm not looking my best, my attitude is affected, my spirit is low, and I feel pity for myself, sadness and envy. Wala tayong panahon para diyan! Gamitin na lang ang time na yan for prettifying!

This workshop was free because Bobbi Brown really does offer makeup lessons for free. All you need to do is stroll in and ask for the resident makeup artist for help. There are several short lessons you can take right there at the store, and most don't need a purchase requirement. So drop by soonest and learn how to be Pretty Powerful!

Thanks again, Bobbi Brown, for making my mommy readers' Mother's Day beautiful! Let's do a workshop again soon!
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Thanks so much, Eats Happy, for feeding us mommies and Bobbi Brown's girls, too, with such a pretty lunch!
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Thanks super lots, National Book Store, for gifting us all with Leuchhturm1917 journals, which is my favorite thing to write in now.
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Lastly, please check out what the mommies felt about the Bobbi Brown workshop (because their blog posts are waaaaaay better than my kwento!):
Ginger Arboleda of Mommy Ginger
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Martine de Luna of Make It Blissful
Sheng Marasigan of Writing is My Happy Place

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