Monday, May 11, 2015

What happened on Iñigo's 3rd birthday

Iñigo, my second son, turned 3 today. It was a most happy day!

He's a chatty one and learned to talk far earlier than Vito did, to our surprise. He's also a quiet kid because he only talks when he feels like it. That makes him just like his Papa. Vince comes across as really shy but he's not. He's super funny and smart and talkative, but only if he likes the person in front of him. That's Vince. That's Iñigo.

Look at him when he was just three months old!

I can't believe he's 3!

Iñigo's birthday started with me waking up at 4 to put up the festive decor. Regular readers are familiar with our party paraphernalia—it's the same Disney Pixar Cars ones we bought two years ago. I love those things. So many happy memories! I strung them all up then waited for the birthday boy to wake up.

He finally did wake up at 7 and was surprised when Vito and I greeted him with a loud birthday song as he groggily walked into the living room. His face just went all bright and his big eyes got bigger and his frown (he's like me, I wake up frowning) turned into a wide smile. He was so happy!

When the mall next door opened, Vince and I took Iñigo out to buy his cake. We walked under the hot sun and my little boy giggled in his Papa's arms. Vince carried him all the way to the mall! Poor Papa! Then we bought Lightning McQueen slippers for him and Batman slippers for Vito. We bought his cake at Red Ribbon, had a little lunch at Tokyo Tokyo, then—because the noon sun was terrible—we flagged down a tricycle and vroomed home. Iñigo stuck his fingers in his ears throughout the ride. He didn't approve!

At home, Vince prepared the cake. It was simple and it was fabulous. Iñigo loved it!

Then he opened his many presents with the help of Vito. I can't even begin to talk about how happy Iñigo was with all his Lightning McQueen gifts and one Iron Man gift! He and Vito played all afternoon and evening and right past bedtime.

Finally, Vito went to bed. Without a playmate, Iñigo quietly played with his new toys. He was very sleepy. It was waaaaay past his bedtime. Then, giving up, he crawled into bed, between his brothers and carefully placed Lego Lightning under his pillow.

"Mama," he said. "I don't want to pack away today. It's a so happy day." And he finally fell asleep.

My darling three-year-old Iñigo, I don't want to pack away any day that has you in it. Happy birthday! May all your days be full of love, friendship, laughter, good health, wisdom and purpose. We're so happy you're happy. We love you forever and ever!

* * * * * * *

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  1. Happy Birthday to ur li'l smart man iñigo ms. Frances:) God bless po

  2. Dearest Frances, I love reading your posts especially when you write about the memorable things you and your kids do. A few years married now, I still have my concerns and 'uncomfort' towards the thought of being a mom. Perhaps it's because of the possible trade-offs with what I am used to. But for a big portion of it, I feel that there's a lot of pressure to be a wondermom these days (and I may not be that selfless right now to step up to that challenge!). But reading your blog encourages me a lot. In the simple gestures, making your own family traditions, in knowing your family's love language and just keeping it real-- I think that this is the side of motherhood which I can embrace :D sorry for talking about myself! these posts are just really, really heartwarming. Happy birthday, Iñigo! :)

    1. Aww, I actually think being scared of motherhood is a good thing because at least you go into it with eyes wide open. I did and I still got a huge shock when I became a mom. I really thought, "What the f*ck have I done?!" It's soooo scary! But I love it! Not every minute, but generally, it's a great thing haha

      I won't tell you to go do it but if you do, I hope you surround yourself with wise and loving people because they really help you keep sane haha Mwah! Good luck!

  3. As usual simple and happy. Happy Bday Iñigo!


    1. Yes! But Clara Olé wanted to throw a party for Iñigo so we tried it the next day. We didn't want to do it on the birth day istelf because we really wanted to keep the simple tradition. Iñigo and Vito had a TON OF FUN with the big party, though, so lagot. Lagot talaga kami ngayon! =D

  4. HAppy Birthday Inigo! :) God bless you always! :)

  5. Happy birthday to your lovable son Inigo!!! Didn't you mention before that he has the most fan following of the 3? Big round eyes and curly hair, who won't love him? Anyway, I love love reading your posts esp when it's about your boys. You have one beautiful family!


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