Tuesday, June 23, 2015

BTS on the Mango OOTD of me and my boys

A few people commented on the tantrum photo of Piero that I used in two blog posts recently. What was happening there, they asked? Well, toddlers have tantrums, you know. "But Mr. P is such a happy baby! Why would he have a tantrum??" Well, because he's still a normal human baby and he throws a fit every now and then—on a daily basis in fact!

Dearest darling readers, kayo talaga, ha. Just because I post photos of my family always smiling doesn't mean we don't cry, we don't get mad, we don't fight, we don't yell in frustration or weep in exhaustion. We're just like you, struggling to get through the day! Neither am I projecting an image of utter happiness if I choose to just post photos of us smiling away. I mean, kadiri naman if I post pictures of myself when I'm crying, right? For me, posting drama and nega stuff is more papansin. Plus, I'm so ugly pa naman when I cry! Yuck.

Anyway! The story of that tantrum photo is we were doing a sponsored post for Mango for my lifestyle blog Topaz Horizon, and I got a few matching outfits for me and the boys. Piero would have none of that stylish nonsense.

Here he is refusing to pose with me. He'd rather crawl around and about. And my face, right? Blank stare. Dead eyes. Panis smile.

Vito's face says it all actually.

This shoot is going nowhere!

Buti na lang I had one kid who saved the day mostly because he liked his outfit.

And kisses!


My kids actually love being on my blogs and on Instagram. They just don't like trying on clothes! There goes my plan to make them models! Sayang. Cute pa naman sila.

* * * * * * *

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