Sunday, June 7, 2015

Family fun at Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club

The Sales clan had a fun family vacation at Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club in Bataan. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) It's so easy to get there. Just take NLEX and then SCTEX and then forest forest forest and then—TADA!—Anvaya Cove.

I like Anvaya Cove. Parang I want to buy a house there! As for the resort itself, it's very nice! Beautiful and big pools. Gorgeous amenities. Nice beach. Lots of thoughtful touches like pails of water for rinsing sand off feet, a retractable cover over the pools to shield swimmers from the noon sun, and golf carts to ferry every guest everywhere in the complex. The only thing I didn't like is the food. Hindi siya masarap. And at the breakfast buffet, there was no bacon. No. Bacon. At. All. Saaaaaaad! Buti na lang it's such a nice place!

Anyway, I'll just bombard you with photos!
It's Mr. P's first time at the beach and at a pool! Here he is being slathered with
Mustela sunscreen. Umitim pa rin siya hehe.
The boys enjoyed the playground immensely. It's not a very big play area and when it gets hot (and of course it gets hot), the playground is boiling. Still, the boys couldn't resist so we let them play in the afternoon. They didn't last very long in the heat but they loved every second of playing there. 

Silly Iñigo making faces for his Papa! He's soooo cute! 

(I super love Vince's photos of our kids!)

Next up: swimming at the kiddie pool! 
The water is nice and warm.
Despite his face, Piero quickly adjusted to the big body of water and LOVED it.  
Little boys enjoying Mama's lap.
Vito is not running here, ha.
Iñigo stayed in the shallows playing with the colorful balls.  

After the pool, we explored the beach. The cove looks out to Subic Bay. 
Very calm water.
Sand sand sand!

After the beach, we spent the dusk with Vince's parents and siblings and pamangkins.
My happiness!
My sweetheart!
Happiest baby in the world!

And then it was time to go back to our casita to change for dinner.   
They're so sweet to each other!
Off to the golf cart to bring us to our casita!
I don't have photos of our casita but it's big! Very roomy. Huge windows all looking out to trees and hills. Nice beds plus a daybed with a trundle for big families. Nice big bathroom, too. I loved that the bathroom had a drying rack for wet clothes. Very thoughtful!

After a good night's sleep and a walk around the casitas complex (the boys and I explored the forest where Iñigo was impressed with big black ants, and we checked out the lake where Vito and Piero met some loud ducks), we had breakfast. You know how I feel about that breakfast.

And then we spent some time digesting said breakfast at the Play Center. It's nice and big, with a TV and lots of movies for kids. There's books and toys, too, pero kulang-kulang na. My boys still had fun anyway. They're very easy to please.

Then we went to the Nature Trail. It was too hot to hike so we just let the kids enjoy the kiddie zip line. Vito loved it! Iñigo not so much.

And then we went up the trees! I grew up climbing trees in Antipolo while Vince used to scale walls and climb mountains. We're not afraid of heights. But when you have kids with you, suddenly everything felt very high!
We made it up the tree! But Iñigo insisted we climb down ASAP.
So proud of this brave boy! 

And there you have it! Our mini vacation at Anvaya Cove! We had tons of fun. I'd love to go back and then check out Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure naman.

This was our first trip as a family of five and I was apprehensive—Piero didn't like long drives, I didn't think we could handle three little kids, we were afraid the boys might run wild. But after this trip, we're convinced we can go on more trips. The kids just slept in the car. The kids were super well behaved. They were cooperative and considerate. They loved all the new things to see and do. They were so fun to be with!

Of course, despite the fun we had, as soon as we hit EDSA traffic, Vito said, "Traffic! We're home!" And then when we got home, the boys were so happy to be back that Vito said, "It's good to be home." Yes, yes it is.

* * * * * * *

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  1. I like Anvaya too! Nice place not too far from Manila, so easy to get to for a quick weekend getaway :) We haven't explored the nature trail and zip line time! Looks like fun!

  2. Hi Frances! reading your posts always make me want to be a mom to 3 boys. hahaha. well, I am on my way to being a mom of 2. :)


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