Thursday, June 11, 2015

My 5 tipid tips in the kitchen

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I may not be the greatest homemaker in the world but I know my way around the kitchen and I can keep house well enough. I've especially learned a few life hacks recently, which were brought about by desperation, trial and error, or by simply getting tired of throwing away food. Let me share with you my Tipid Tips!

#1 Do not make tipid.
Yes, you read that right—my first tipid tip is don't make tipid! I'm not saying you should make waldas wagas either. Basta it concerns food, products I use (especially on skin and panglinis sa house), appliances, furniture and shoes, hindi ako nagtitipid. There are things you can scrimp on but those I listed above, never. You get what you pay for and if you pay cheap, you suffer.

For example, if you buy cheap paper towels, you'll have to use more to wipe up spills kasi ang cheap napkins madaling mapunit. If you buy cheap diapers, mas madalas kailangan palitan ng diapers si baby and baka magka-allergies pa siya. So by buying cheap, you actually spend more. There's this adage, "I can't afford to be cheap." That's true because being cheap ends up being more costly. So for the things that matter, spend a little more because that extra will go a long, long way.

#2 Be prepared with a grocery list. 
I feel so helpless without one. I find myself wandering the aisles with no purpose. With a grocery list (prepared well ahead of time by double checking the pantry), I never lose precious time wondering if I need to buy something or not. Plus, I don't become succumb to tempting offers to buy things I don't need because I am determined to stick to my list!

#3 Buy in bulk. 
Or the biggest size you can afford. Avoid sachets! They come out more expensive because of packaging. Factor in the many trips you need to make because you ran out of dishwashing liquid, for example, then you lost time, the most expensive commodity of all!

#4 Label everything with the date you bought/cooked it. 
Or put the expiration date. This is something I have recently started. I used to label only my expressed breast milk so that I knew when to use it or throw it out. Then I realized this tip also works well with frozen meat. Now I'm going to do it with leftovers.

#5 Get creative with leftovers.
I am through with throwing away leftovers! My situation kasi is pag naitago ko na in a plastic container, I forget about it. Then the refrigerator accumulates leftovers and then I look through all the plastic containers and I find a lot of food na inaamag na! So wasteful!

I'll talk about how to turn leftovers into new dishes in my next Electrolux-sponsored post. Right now, I want to share with you my other tipid tips that I posted on Instagram:

For more tips and tricks in the home and kitchen, check out the Facebook page of Electrolux: The Electrolux Little White Book. They have a campaign called #DoMoreWithLess which encourages maximizing resources, saving money and food, and recycling food and materials.

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