Monday, June 1, 2015

My favorite new tiny thing: Lysol To Go

This post is brought to you by Lysol To Go.

Since becoming a mother five years ago, I've always had some disinfectant in my diaper bag. Alcogel, alcohol, antibacterial wipes—you name it, it's there. One thing I didn't have was a can of Lysol. Even though I knew it's one of the most powerful disinfectants and the brand most recommended by U.S. pediatricians, a canister was just too big to put in my already bursting diaper bag.

So imagine my huge surprise and delight when I found out that Lysol made a cute and compact size! Called Lysol To Go, the mini can fits into the palm of my hand. Perfect for slipping into diaper bags, kikay kits, office desk drawers, car glove compartments, everywhere! The even better news is it's finally here in the Philippines!

I'm one of the lucky moms who got a sample when Lysol invited me and some mommy bloggers to a road cruise around Bonifacio Global City. Riding a Black Fleet bus and munching on Wildflour pastries, we mommies bonded over tips and stories on motherhood.
We were spoiled with a dinner at 2nd's at Bonifacio High Street and bouquets of pretty flowers.
I really enjoyed dinner, especially with my seatmates (from left) Donna Donor of Everyday Adventures, Denise Rayala of Royal Domesticity, Earth Rullan of Earthling Gorgeous, and Yen Dreyfus of The Tummy Traveler. Loved our super morbid conversation, mommies!

Lysol has always been a trusted friend of homemakers. From my Lola Auring and my Mama and now to me, Lysol is our choice to keep our homes clean and healthy for our families. Now, hindi lang sa bahay ako secure about cleanliness. Even outside the home because of Lysol To Go Spray. Hooray! 

Okay, mga mommies, Lysol To Go is available in Crisp Linen scent. It's out this month at supermarkets and drugstores (SRP P150 for 28g/1 oz.). Buy one for you and one for your kid's schoolbag! Ugh. I hate the school year because ever since Vito went to school, he's always bringing home germs and sicknesses. So, Lysol To Go, protect my baby!

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  1. Hahaha, yes it wasn't what moms usually talk about over delicious food! But I had a great time, to be honest. I was telling Donna on the way home that that's what I like about you. You are so grounded. Kahit super sikat blogger ka, you talk to us "regular bloggers" like so normal lang... unlike those who never say hi back man lang kapag binati mo. :) Thank you for being classy and real. :)

  2. When my sister went home around 3 years ago, she had this in her bag. I was hesitant to use it kasi for me Lysol is room spray. Apparently they have this for on-the-go Moms nga! This will be a great addition to my already very bulky and OCD mommy bag.


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