Friday, June 12, 2015

Piero's baptism

Before Piero turns 1 next month, let me share with you his baptism this summer. It was at Christ the King Greenmeadows and we had our reception at Basil White Plains. It was just family and it was lovely. Thank You, God, for our families. They are such a blessing!

The baby boy was a bit cranky because mid-morning is his nap time.
With Piero's ninangs, Tita Jacqui and Auntie Reza.
With his paternal grandparents, Lola Digna and Lolo Mon.
Piero was asleep during the entire ceremony!
My happy family. Except Iñigo hehe. He didn't like his monster shoes.
At Basil. We liked the homey feel and the delicious food. 
Mr. P is awake for lunch! OOTD is knit cap and shoes from Rustan's Baby, shirt and suit from Periwinkle.
We bought these a few days before the baptism. Crammers forever!
My sweet baby darling boy!
My heartwarmers!
Iñigo in a better mood heehee.
With Lolo Jules and Ninang Jacqui.
Iñigo making kulit with Tito Ted!
With Tita Rose, Tito Ted's pretty love.
Iñigo with Tita Jacqui and cousins, Ate Nicole and Ate Rachel.
Vito and his Ninong Ted and Tita Rose. They're taking silly selfies.
Piero and Auntie Lizelle's amazing cupcakes!
The Amper family.
The Sales family.
My sons in the car as we drove home. They are the sweetest little boys, so loving and affectionate with each other. I don't know what we ever did to deserve these three. 

Thank You, God, for my Vito, Iñigo and Piero. May they get to know You and love You. May they seek Your will and follow it all their lives. May You bless them with good health, surround them with love all the days of their life, and keep them in the shadow of Your wings. Bless them, Father, and bless us, their parents, so we may guide these precious boys into life everlasting with You. Amen!

* * * * * * *

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  1. Lyndel and I enjoyed looking at your photos 😊 God bless you and your boys Frances 😊😘

  2. Huwaaat? Piero's turning 1 next month? Already?! Seems like only last month when I was reading about his birthday in St. Luke's. Ang bilis grabe :) Bless you and you family Frances!


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