Monday, June 15, 2015

School bags... for me!

Hahaha, sorry, this is obviously a post too late for the school year as I am sure you're all done with your shopping. But I was scouting for schoolbags for Baby Magazine (I'm the market editor, that means my job is picking all the products featured in the magazine) and I saw some really nice bags and I wished I was a little girl right about now because I'd have loved to tote these to school!

Zoo Pack Zebra little kid backpack, Skip Hop, P995. Available at Mothercare.
Love how graphic this is! Love the corduroy snout and the leaf sticking out of the mouth.

Orange Fox toddler backpack, SoYoung, P2,150, Available at Rustan's.
A closer shot. The canvas is oiled so it's waterproof and stain-proof. 

Pink Fawn insulated cooler bag, SoYoung, P1,350. Available at Rustan's.
Lots of compartments inside. And lots of love, too! 

These bags and more of my picks will be featured in the July-August issue of Baby Magazine. Make sure to grab a copy so you can check out all the adorable animal-themed bags I picked out.

Meanwhile, my boys were so lucky to get nice bags from their fans. Thanks so much, Wildkin, Lily & Tucker and Avon!

Vito picked out this Wildkin bag for himself (robots are very cool for Vito), and this is his schoolbag for the new school year:
The Wildkin Pack n Snack Backpack, P1,400.
To see more designs and to order, go to the Facebook page of Wildkin Philippines.
This is a Lily & Tucker bag and I picked out the dinosaur print for Iñigo even though he isn't going to school yet (he's only 3!).
Lily & Tucker Medium Backpack, P1,099.75
To see more designs and to know where to buy, check out the Facebook page of Lily & Tucker.
We got a set of Avengers bags from Avon and the boys loved them! But I kept only the troller and the backpack (the rest I gave away) because Vito decreed these bags are for traveling.
Call your Avon lady to order!

If you want me to do a detailed review of the Wildkin and Lily & Tucker bags, just tell me! I like them both very much!

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