Monday, June 29, 2015

My #SmartLife!

This post is brought to you by SMART Communications.

As a SMART subscriber, I'm living the #SmartLife. You know what it's like? Fabulous!

No office? No problem. I can work from home.

No car? No problem. I can always Uber.

No idea where a meeting with a client is? No problem. I can Google its address and Waze my way there.

No idea what time I'll get home because of horrific traffic jams? No problem (well...). I can always entertain myself with Facebook and reading my favorite blogs.

But I will confess that there's one part that's not so fab about it:

A video posted by Frances (@francesasales) on

Haha, my kids talaga! My #SmartLife is overtaken by my kids!

Seriously, I'm really happy I switched to SMART. Ever since I became a SMART mom, my life has improved by leaps and bounds. All my work is done online. Almost all of my entertainment I get online. And if I'm not home and am worried about my family, I get peace of mind with just a call or a text or a message on Facebook. This is the life!

Live the #SmartLife, too! Check out SMART's website for more information.

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