Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Your precious moments captured by Pampers

This post is brought to you by Pampers.

Because I have a baby who will turn one year old in a week, I'm still not over with firsts. First step, first walk, first word, first everything! 
First time at an airport!
First plane ride!
Well, to be honest, my youngest, Piero, isn't the only one with firsts. My two older kids, Vito and Iñigo, have their firsts, too!
First time to draw on fogged up glass.
Piero's first time in a jacuzzi.

It's so fun watching my boys grow and make their way into the world. I'm also so glad I have a husband who loves capturing these firsts (and seconds and thirds!) with his camera. We have thousands upon thousands of photos of our kids! We literally wipe out our budget when it's time to print the photos and fill up the albums and picture frames! 

Many of our friends remark on how diligent we are with our family's photos. Well, it's all Vince. He LOVES looking at our kids and crying over them hehehe. He super adores the boys and we're so lucky he works from home because he's always there to capture these fun and fabulous years.

If you want beautiful photos of your family, too, I highly recommend getting a good camera. Vince's camera is an Olympus OMD EM5 while mine is an Olympus EP3 (but I use my iPhone 6 camera more). That's why our photos are soooo clear and bright and beautiful. It's really worth it to splurge a little on the best camera you can afford because our kids are growing up so fast. We must take photos of them!

But if getting a camera isn't an option right now, get diapers instead.

Wait, what?

Yes, you read that right. Pampers, only the world’s leading diaper brand and my baby boys' diaper, brings you the very first Pampers First Family Photo Shoot in select stores in Metro Manila! Pampers will offer a free photo shoot done by professional photographers and you get two wet-proof family portraits that can last for up to 100 years. A hundred years!

To avail of this promo, simply buy Pampers Baby Dry or Pampers Premium Care jumbo or super jumbo pack at the following supermarkets:

Plus, if you have water-damaged photos of your baby, Pampers can help you restore and even transform them into waterproof portraits! Just bring them to the Pampers Baby Dry Wetproof Milestones Photo Restoration Service booth for evaluation. Don’t forget to label the back of the photo with your name, complete address, contact number, email address, and signature. Once qualified, photos will be processed and sent via courier to the written address. 

Get a portrait that you can cherish for generations. For more details, visit the Pampers Facebook page.  

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Please read the mechanics of this promo after the page break.

Photo Shoot Promo Mechanics
  1. To qualify for the free family photo shoot, participants must be accompanied by a child or children 5 years of age or younger.
  2. Participants must present proof of purchase of at least one (1) Pampers Baby Dry Jumbo/Super Jumbo pack or Pampers Premium Care Jumbo/Super Jumbo pack. 
  3. Receipts from within the week (7 days) of execution of the participating supermarket are valid.
  4. Participants will get two (2) “wetproof”printouts of their family portrait.
  5. Participants who signed the waiver for Facebook posting can download the digital file from Pampers Philippines FB page three (3) days after the event.

Photo Restoration Mechanics
  1. Submit your water-damaged photo at the following Pampers Photo Shoot Booth:
  2. Label the back of the photo with your name, complete address, contact number, email address, and signature. 
  3. All photos are subject to assessment. Pampers has the right to decline submissions if a photo is beyond repair. Duration of the photo restoration will depend on the extent of damage in the photo. 
  4. Owners of qualified photos for restoration will be notified via email and SMS once the restoration is done.
  5. Restored and wet-proofed photos will be sent via courier to the address indicated in the photo. 
  6. Pampers will only accept first 10 repairable photos.

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