Sunday, July 5, 2015

BTS of our family photo by Pampers

This post is brought to you by Pampers.

Last Sunday, my family and I went off to Marketplace at Power Plant Mall to have our family picture taken. Pampers had a fun promo that ran for a few days last week. Called Pampers First Family Shoot, this activity invited all families who have diapers on their grocery shopping list to drop by select supermarkets and have their family photo captured for free. 

Since two of my boys, Iñigo and Piero, are Pampers users, we were definitely going to avail of the freebie! But, more importantly, we seldom have a family photo. There's always the kids, or me and the kids, then the rare photo of Vince and his sons, and even more rarely, all five of us in one photo. With this promo, we can all be in one picture together!!!

Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots of our Pampers shoot at the supermarket:

There was a cute setup of a baby's room—a crib converted to a day bed, pillows and toys, a sidetable with a lamp and a picture frame on it, and benches. Very cozy! On the side was a little vanity with a well-lit mirror, brushes and combs, and even a bit of makeup so that families can freshen up a bit before the shoot.
Pampers had to fix the crib setup for our big family kasi hindi kita yung product nila hehe.

And after just a few shots, nag-umpisa nang magwala ang mga bata.

Vince and me in our own happy world, the kids in their own violent one.

Okay, okay, we can't ignore the kids anymore!

And that's a wrap! Whew. I wonder if the photographer got anything useful!

He did pick one but sana ako ang pinapili niya. Heehee. It's okay really. That's just me being an editor. I have years of going through thousands of photos and picking the best one! So nag-work mode ang brain ko. Let it go, me!

We got two copies of one pose. These were printed on wet-proof paper that will last 100 years. The Pampers team proved it truly can resist water by rubbing a drenched cotton ball all over our freshly printed photos!

And here's our photo that came in a free picture frame, too!

Here are a few shots of the other families who use Pampers diapers and got their photo taken at the Pampers First Family Shoot activity last week:

Happy families! That's a Pampers family!

For updates on more Pampers promos, like their Facebook page

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