Monday, July 20, 2015

Family fun at Bohol: bee farm, tarsiers, Chocolate Hills, and the best halo-halo ever!

What to do when you're in the beautiful island of Bohol? Oh my, you won't run out of things to do! We were there for three full days and we didn't even get to do diving at Panglao island or visit the beaches!

The Peacock Garden, where we stayed, arranged all our activities in Bohol. They were so excited to show off their island. We were game to squeeze everything we could even though there was a storm.

The first thing we did was meet some bees!
That's my husband Vince with a heavy tray (is that what you call this?) of bees and honey.

The beekeeper said that in the afternoons, the bees are easily agitated so I was a bit nervous that my kids would get excited and provoke the bees. So we stayed a few yards away while Vince checked those bees out.

Vito didn't like the bees at all but Iñigo went straight up to his Papa and looked at those bees. They were almost sitting on his nose!

Bohol Bee Farm is also a resort. You can book rooms, you can buy organic vegetables, you can eat at any of their four restaurants. We automatically gravitated to Lantaw Restaurant because it had this incredible view:

Lantaw's menu is interesting because they serve a lot of food that uses the organic plants from their garden. So expect to find entries like various kinds of flower salads, buko soup, cassava lumpia, squash bread, pineapple pancakes, malunggay iced tea, mango iced tea with real mangoes floating in it, spicy ginger ice cream, tomato ice cream, dalandan ice cream.

Here's Piero ordering from the menu! We were still full from our sumptuous lunch at The Peacock Garden so we only had the ice creams and the halo-halo.

Oh, the halo-halo!!!
It is, by far, the best halo-halo in the world!!!

It's crazy because it was a fruity halo-halo. There's the homemade ube ice cream on top, sprinkled with cheese and drizzled with their very own Molave honey. Then you dig through layers of watermelon, mango, papaya, banana and buko, with creamy condesned milk and more of that Molave honey in between each fruity layer. Grabe, nakakaiyak sa sarap. As in I dream of this halo-halo every day! Every day!!!

I loved that Molave honey so much, I bought three bottles. It is the best honey I have ever tasted. Ever!!!

Sigh. I really need to go back to Bohol.

Our next stop is a visit to the tarsiers. Tarsiers are tiny primates with large eyes. They are really so small! The hill where we saw them is a steep climb, and because it was drizzling, the steps were slippery and dangerous. Not a good idea because we had small kids with us! But, after a heart-stopping moment when Vito slipped down the hill, we were okay. Thank You, God!

And we saw this little one. The photo may be very bright but that's because Vince is a fantatstic photographer and he has a fantastic camera that sucks in a lot of light. In reality, the forested hill was very dense, so dense and dark that the rain and the already wan sunlight hardly reached us.

Last stop: Chocolate Hills. Okay, when you have little kids with you, you cannot believe the excitement those words evoke! They were so excited to see the Chocolate Hills, I almost felt afraid they'd be in for a massive disappointment. Well, they were disappointed because they truly were expecting chocolate mountains, and the lush greenery for miles around did not help me when I said the hills were named that way because they were as brown as chocolates!

Well, at least one kid didn't mind!
To go up the viewing deck, you'll need to climb these looooong and steep stairs that had nothing but thin rails to hold on to. I'm not afraid of heights but when you have small kids and the steps are slippery and the winds are blowing you about, you get freaked out!

Buti na lang my boys were well behaved. And buti na lang my Skechers GOWalk shoes did not fail me! My lungs and legs almost did, though. That was one high climb!

Throughout our drive around Bohol, we were drenched with green green green. This was one island that cared for its environment. And we loved how clean everything was. And even though the houses were simple, we saw satellite dishes and sports cars. We love Bohol!

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More on our Bohol adventures soon!

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