Friday, July 31, 2015

7 reasons my #momlife is amazing (because it's a #SmartLife!)

This post is brought to you by Smart Communications.

A few weeks ago, my blog partner, Smart, launched a new campaign called #SmartLife. It's all about a better life—convenience, entertainment, peace of mind everywhere, any time. As you all may know from the banner emblazoned on the top of my blog, I'm a Smart Mom and I'm so happy I have been living the #SmartLife for two years now. Here are 7 reasons why:

7. I am entertained.
As a work-at-home mom (WAHM), I spend a lot of time at, well, home! Now my house is an amazing house. We have books, movies, TV shows, magazines, video games, art materials, Legos, food... This is a fun house. But when I became a mommy, I just didn't have the luxury of loooooooong stretches of time devoted to devouring a novel or watching a movie uninterrupted by demanding children. What I did have was snatches of time, like when I'm breastfeeding or waiting for the tot to finish pooping. 

When those precious few minutes happen, I go on Facebook! Then I get to read an article or two, laugh over funny memes, or watch a few trailers of upcoming movies. If nothing is happening on social media, I can play my favorite Minions game. Simple little time-wasters, yes, but enough to save my sanity most days!  

Oh, and you know what? My Instagram seems to entertain people, too! 
My followers' favorites are #SalesVIP updates and the rare #OOTDs.

6. I can keep my kids occupied.
Many perfect parents (heehee) frown on other parents (for example, me) who give their kids gadgets. But unlike most parents, I bring my kids with me to work. That's my excuse for being a bad parent who gives gadgets to their kids! If I'm at a shoot or in a meeting or a workshop or at an event, and my kids are getting bored, I whip out my iPhone 6 or tablet and—bam!—the kids stop whining while they play with their favorite apps! Thank you, Smart!
Iñigo waiting for the car after a very long event that Mama had to attend.

5. I am connected to the big world.
While part of my work requires me to go out and see people, most of it involves me in my ratty shirt and shorts, with messy hair and smudged glasses tapping away on a laptop on our dining table. Ya, being a WAHM ain't glam! But I don't feel isolated and depressed because of social media. Hooray for Facebook and Messenger and Whatsapp and Instagram and Twitter! My Loyal Readers (or, maybe more correctly, the fans of the #SalesVIPs!) are also updated on my life even when I don't update my blog because I'm constantly sharing super cute photos of my sons on Instagram. 

And I'm not just talking about being connected to my friends and followers. I also mean being connected to what's happening in the real world. Because my kids have taken over the TV, my husband and I have been reduced to our small screens to grab news and information about the world. 

4. I can work from anywhere.
Yep. A WAHM need not work literally from home. I write lists and reminders on my Notes app while waiting for my Uber to pick me up. I answer emails in the car while stuck in traffic. I make calls while waiting for my lunch at a restaurant. I post photos and links that my blog sponsors want on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter whenever they request it, even when I'm at the gym. As long as I have my Smart iPhone 6, I'm also always working. When I want to stop working, I refuse to charge the battery for a few hours, because a dead phone is the only way I can't work!
This isn't just a gym selfie. I'm also promoting my Skechers GoWalk shoes.

3. I know no limits.
As described above, as long as I have my phone with me, I'm always on call. I work work work. Even while I'm at the salon, especially when Im at the salon because coloring hair takes a whole afternoon. Working a lot doesn't sound that awful because I love what I do! I find work easier to do and clients easier to please because nothing limits me. Well, I'm only limited by the battery life of my Smart iPhone 6!
The iPhone 6 battery drains fast so I bring power banks that allow me to work anywhere.  

2. I enjoy convenience.
My Smart iPhone 6 is like my personal assistant. Why? I take pictures of the grocery list I wrote on our kitchen board so I won't need to rewrite. If I'm hunting down a person, I send messages via text, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger (hehe, mahirap nang magtago ngayon!). If I need to know information, I Google it or ask Siri! If I don't know where I'm going, Waze tells me where to go. If I need to go somewhere, Uber to the rescue!
 Just about to enter an elevator and right after requesting for an Uber ride.

1. I have peace of mind.
Perhaps the best thing about my #SmartLife is the peace of mind I have. When I'm at home, I know my work partners and potential sponsors can always reach me. There are no missed opportunities. When I'm at work away from home and I forget to leave instructions to our maid and yaya, I can quickly send them a reminder. Since I commute, I don't worry about getting home because I can count on Uber. Most importantly, when I'm not at home, I know that I can always check up on my kids to see if they're okay with just a simple text or phone call. 

No time is spent stressing or worrying or freaking out because I'm always available to everyone who needs me and everyone I need is just a call away.  

My life changed dramatically when I switched to Smart. Walang biro. Kahit na ba this is a sponsored post, I really mean it when I say that Smart really has been part of my success now as a writer, editor and blogger. You changed my life, Smart! Thank you for making me a Smart Mom!

To know more about #SmartLife and how you can live one, click here

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