Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cycles and Cradle are 10 years old!

This post is brought to you by Cycles and Cradle.

This week, I received a big box of goodies from Cycles and Cradle. It was a lovely gift because my family's been using these products for exactly five years.

Yes, I know it's exactly five years because we got Cycles laundry detergent the month our firstborn came into our lives and we wanted to use safe and effective products for our spankin' brand new baby Vito.

I found out that Cycles and Cuddles are celebrating their 10th anniversary this month. Happy birthday! Thanks for making moms and babies happy for 10 years!

Here are my favorite products from their line:
Cycles liquid laundry detergent 1.5L bottle P398, 800ml refill P254, stain soaker 500g P179, powder detergent 1kg P272 

Vince has allergies. I have allergies. So we assumed that our kids will have allergies. I made sure that the products we used for our kids will be devoid of allergens. Even with laundry soap. Kasi kahit na the soap is rinsed off naman, powerful detergents can be hard to rinse, or they leave a residue lalo na if hindi masipag mag-banlaw ang naglalaba. It's that residue I was worried about because harsh detergent can irritate skin. 

Also fragrance. Fragrance can be a terrible irritant to sensitive noses and breathing passages. I have asthma and one of my triggers is suffocating scents. I was scared the fragrance of laundry detergent might also trigger a reaction with my kids. 

I like that Cycles mild laundry detergent is gentle. Super mild in every way from how it treats clothes, feels on skin and how it smells. But even though it's gentle, it can still remove stains from food, poop and play!  

Cradle Toy & Surface Cleaner 500ml P232, 75ml P75
We all know that babies and toddlers put absolutely everything into their mouths. But I never could use alcohol, alcogel or sanitizing spray on my kids' toys because I was scared they'd ingest chemicals. Parang I'd risk germs rather than strong chemicals (don't crucify me! Besides, germ exposure boosts immunity!). And then I got a sample of Cradle Toy & Surface Cleaner and that allayed my fears. It's a natural cleanser made from food and natural ingredients so even though a film of Cradle stays on the toy, alam kong safe to ingest yun.  

These are the other products from Cycles and Cradle that I got from my big box:
Cycles Sensitive skincare line. Head-to-Toe Wash (500ml P334, 250ml P179), Baby Lotion (500ml P389, 250ml P224), Protection Diaper Cream (P289).

Cycles Sensitive Insect Repellents. Lotions that are Non-DEET (P254) and Natural (P294). Plus citronella patches (P124) that don't smell awful.

Cradle Baby Bottle & Nipple Cleanser 700ml P298, 500ml refill P239
Cradle Baby Bottle & Nipple Cleanser. I've actually used this before but when I ran out, the maid said okay na ang usual namin na dishwashing liquid. But now that I have it in my home again, I like it! We don't use it for baby bottles (Piero is exclusively breastfed from the source) but we use it to wash fruits and vegetables. Makes my heart feel better knowing that my family's food is cleaner.

What are your favorite Cycles and Cradle products? And do you use them for other things, too?

Happy 10th anniversary, Cycles and Cradle!

To know more about Cycles and where their products are available, like their Facebook page and check out their website.

To know more about Cradle  and where their products are available, like their Facebook page and check out their website.

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  1. I use Cycles and Cradle for my baby's stuff until she's around 6 months. Coz like you, we have asthma so bawal ang strong detergents. Plus I have a sensitive tummy so I don't want to take the risk kay baby namin.

    I think I should buy the toy and surface cleaner though. :)

  2. I been using Cycles Sensitive lotion for my 3 years old and 1 year old twins. I loved the feeling of softness and smooth on my babies skin. Wonderful product! :)


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