Monday, August 3, 2015

Family fun at Sky Ranch Tagaytay to celebrate Piero's 1st birthday!

Ooh boy, this is one month late! Exactly one month ago, my bunso baby boy Piero turned a year old. We had a mini party at home and then we drove off to Tagaytay to continue the celebration!

We booked a stay at Taal Vista. Just one night. The reason we picked that hotel was for its big garden and the fact that it's right beside Sky Ranch. And that's where we spent the rest of Piero's first birthday!

At the carousel...

At the balloon ride...

Iñigo dancing for us heehee!

Vito joined in soon after. Crazy kids!

Merienda time! Just popcorn, hotdogs and fries for my boys.

We tried out a few more rides till it got dark. The first time we went to Sky Ranch, it was still on soft launch. Now, with a lot more rides plus a row of restaurants and convenience stores, it's a fun place for the family (and sweethearts uyyy!) to go to. However, I really wish they'd just charge a one-time fee, you know, a ride-all-you-want rate. It's so hassle to line up every time we wanted to ride a ride!

Anyway, on our last ride which was the train, Piero fell asleep. That's our signal to go back to our hotel. So we walked back. Malayo pala yun pag marami kang pagod na batang dala!

Back at our room, we ordered room service, ate the cute cake Taal Vista made for Piero, and then fell asleep. What a birthday!

The next morning, the birthday boy flexed his new walking muscles all over the hilly terrain of the hotel's expansive lawn. His brothers were also delighted at the chance to just run and tumble everywhere. City boys!

Piero also showed off his climbing skills!

Here's the birthday bunny and his proud Papa. My loves!

Oh, and the boys tried climbing trees, too. They didn't believe me when I said I used to climb trees and swing from branch to branch like a monkey when I was a little girl!

Oh, Piero!

Happy birthday, dearest darling! You complete us. You are a gift to everyone in our little family. May you bring joy and blessings to everyone you meet the same way you do to us every single day of the past year, today and beyond. We love you!

* * * * * * *
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  1. Such darling photos, Frances! :) The boys are ever so cute!

  2. Happy Birthday Piero!! May God continue to bless you, your mama and papa and your brothers with many more!


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