Sunday, August 16, 2015

If I had a million pesos for Piero

This post is brought to you by Pampers Baby Dry.

Pampers has an ongoing promo now and it is sooo exciting! It's like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory but for this, it's more like Pampers Baby Dry and the Million Pesoses for My Baby!!!

Libre ang mangarap and if I had a million pesos for Piero (he's now the only #SalesVIP wearing Pampers diapers), here is what I would do with the money:
1. Put it all in the bank in an investment account (the safest kind they have).
2. Don't touch it till he's 18 and will probably need it for college tuition.
Oh wow, was that boring or was that boring?! Actually, by the time he's 18, I'm pretty sure a million pesos will just pay for his freshman year. Or buy him his first second-hand car.

When I'm a millionaire...

So let's have a little fun. If I had a million pesos to spend on Piero (and, okay, let's include his brothers) in one year, this is what I'll do:

1. Go to Legoland in Malaysia!
This is the first on my list because the kids love Legos. Love isn't even the word to describe this emotion. Obsessed is a better word. My kids are obsessed with Legos. Thank goodness they have their Papa and aunts and Mama's friends to give them Legos because if it were up to me, I'd never buy those blasted things. I'm always stepping on a brick, tripping over them, lying down on them and sitting down on them.

But a Mama's love for her children's obsession overlooks what she despises. In fact, if we had money to go to Legoland, I'll even let them go on a Lego shopping spree! Now that's love.

2. Go to Hong Kong Disneyland!
My kids love Disney movies and TV shows so much, they can recite whole scenes and sing albums of the catchy songs. So we have to go to Disneyland again (check out our first trip here)! Because we are a family of small kids, the relatively small Hong Kong Disneyland is manageable. Of course, Disney World is the dream but I think we'll need to live there for a year if we were to enjoy it and not have our legs collapse.

3. Go to Universal Studios in Singapore!
My kids love to be entertained by moving pictures. They're like their Papa that way. So Universal Studios will be great because they can see Sesame Street, Transformers, Jurassic Park, Shrek, the Penguins from Madagascar, and their super duper favorite—the Minions from Despicable Me. Sooo fun!

And while we're in Singapore, we might as well go to the other tourist spots like the Night Safari, the Singapore Zoo, the Singapore Flyer (which might not be a good idea pala for little kids because I've been on it and the hour-long ride can be boring after 20 minutes), and all the parks parks parks we can find because my kids are condo dwellers and need space to run run run in!

4. Shopping sprees for clothes and shoes!
Part of the fun of having little people in your life is dressing them up. It's like grown-up me now has little live dolls to play with! But because kids grow up so fast and because my rough-and-tumble boys wear out their clothes just as fast, I can't bring myself to buy lots of clothes and shoes for them. The irony! The irony!

But if I had lots of extra cash lying around, cash I wouldn't miss, I would buy them clothes and shoes in a heartbeat. Oh, you spilled chocolate sauce on your pristine white Gucci Kids shirt? How adorable! Let's all have a food fight!

5. Buy fancy-pants gadgets like electric cars they can drive.
Right now we have one Little Tikes car. It's the cutest thing. We, together with his Ninong Ted, bought it for Vito four years ago and it is indestructible. Really a great investment. Thing is, it only has space for one rider. So when Iñigo and Piero arrived, chaos ensued. Three little boys want to ride it at the same time and no matter how I explain that no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time, they will insist on squeezing their butts into that one seat.

So here's a solution: Buy Iñigo and Piero their own Little Tikes cars! Or better yet, buy them a fleet of electric cars! And then they can race!

6. Rent the unit next door. Haha.
Okay, a million pesos is a lot but a million pesos won't buy a new house. It can't even buy a studio. But I can rent the neighboring condo unit and use it as the parking space for all those cars we just bought, storage and play area for all the Legos from Legoland, and closets for all those new outfits!

Sarap mangarap! The fab thing is Pampers Baby Dry can make our dreams come true!!!

Pampers Baby Dry is the newest and best diaper that Pampers has. It guarantees dryness that lasts for up to 12 hours. It's softer, with a breathable cover and stretchy tape for a comfy but secure fit. (Here's my full review.)

I love Pampers diapers because I believe they really do help my babies achieve their firsts. Because they sleep better, they have brains alert and ready to learn. Their well-rested bodies are primed to take on the world. They're not distracted by wetness and skin irritation and diaper rash so they can focus on whatever new milestone they're bent on achieving.

Hopefully, that next milestone is winning a million pesos!!!

How to win:
1. Buy any Pampers Baby Dry Economy/Value Pack/Low Counts at participating stores nationwide. Check to see if there’s a sticker indicating it is an entry in the promotion. 
2. There will be a WINNING TICKET for a few lucky moms out there! It could be a Gymboree gift certificate worth P1,200, or P10,000 worth of bank savings, P50,000 worth of bank savings and—drum roll pleeeeeease—a whopping P1 million!!!
3. If you get this winning ticket, contact Manpower for Advertising Services Agency Inc. at (+632) 335-3518 for instructions on how to claim the prize. 
4. Bring the winning ticket, two (2) valid IDs, and the official receipt for purchase of Pampers Baby Dry during the redemption. 

For more details, visit the Pampers Facebook page. Time to shop for Pampers Baby Dry, mommies! Good luck!!! 

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  1. I love your ideas!!! Everything I'd like to do too!!! Can you please adopt me mommy? Hihi


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