Thursday, September 3, 2015

Old photos of Iñigo

Continuing my little series of featuring photos we found in our photo library of our kids, we now take a look back at social media darling, Iñigo. Hehe. Yep, of all my sons, it's Iñigo who gets the most likes. That's because of his huge eyes, curls and kenkoy poses. These aren't my reasons but everyone else's!

I find this amusing because people then assume that he's just as wacky when they meet him in real life. The truth is he's quite shy when out in public and will even refuse to smile or talk to people. He's very much like his father. He may look like me but he's his Papa Vince through and through!

So, for all the fans of Iñigo, here's just a few of what Vince found in his archive of thousands upon thousands of photos of Ingo Bear:

Oh my goodness. What a cuteheart! He's definitely Mr. Personality!

Love you, Iñigo! Continue to be a source of joy for everyone!

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