Saturday, August 1, 2015

Super mom! Ina Raymundo on Baby Magazine

Meet my new mommy peg! 

I met Ina Raymundo at the launch of the new look of Baby Magazine. I'm the Market Editor of Baby MagazineYes, I have a day job! What's a market editor? I'm basically in charge of all the products featured in the issue. So shopping finds for the kids, fashion and beauty products for moms, books—I source those and feature them in our pages. Sometimes I also help with getting our cover moms. Ina was one of them. 

I love the painting, by the way!
Ina with our editor-in-chief, Juana Manahan-Yupangco.
Our Features Editor Ana Javelosa Gloria (who has a new book out this month!) with
our next cover mom, Dimples Romana and her super cute son, Alonzo. 
With Shari Macainag of The Misty Mom (hers is the biggest beauty/mom blog now) and
Mommy TreatsPaola Loot Bronfman with her two daughters, Sjöfn and Semira. 
Luxe lifestyle blogger Cat Arambulo-Antonio ( I shot her for a feature
in Baby Mag and she is so hilarious!
Cat Juan Ledesma ( with daughter Nara and Happy Skin's Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez with son Raf.
With the lovely woman behind The Strip and Browhaus, Tab Abad-Estacion.

For the current issue, which is the health issue, we wanted a mother who was fit and strong, someone who loves her children and her body, someone with a healthy marriage and just as healthy self-esteem. So we asked around on Facebook and the overwhelming vote went to Ina Raymundo.

How fit and fab is Ina?!

After this photo, Ina told me that she only paid attention to her body after she gained a lot of weight after her first pregnancy. She told me that being strong really helps her get a better grip on her life as a mom of five and an actress. Her body can handle the 24/7 caring and nurturing, the running here and there. A healthy body doesn't get stressed and overwhelmed. That makes her a real supermom in my book! In fact, I was so inspired, I started going to the gym!

Find out how Ina keeps herself strong for her five children and sexy for her husband all while being a working woman in the current issue of Baby Magazine

Gosh, I really love that cover. All parenting magazines have pa-cute or pa-innocent moms on their covers. That's okay. Motherhood seems to be celebrated because it's a job for saints. But mothers are not saints. We're normal people with ups and downs, joys and pains, trials and triumphs, desires and guilt. 

I love how this cover is so powerful, which is what the modern mom is. We know what we're good at, we know what our limits are, we push at those limits relentlessly. The modern mom is no longer the quiet woman hovering in the background while her husband and children shine. She is in charge, she is passionate, she is front and center of whatever will benefit her family. She takes care of herself because she knows a healthy and happy mommy is at her best and her family will be best served by that. Plus, I love how sexy the cover is. Look at Ina carrying her daughter and doing squats! Sexy and strong!

Gotta love that cover. I just LOVE it! So unapologetically sexy, so unapologetically woman! Grab the July-August issue of Baby Magazine from your favorite bookstore!

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