Monday, September 7, 2015

Help feed Nathan and bring him home!

This little boy is my neighbor!

He's turning 7 months old on Thursday, September 10. He's a happy little boy. Very malikot and makulit. He is the first child of Archie and Judith Riva, and when Vince and I chatted with Archie today after lunch, he whipped out his phone and showed us pictures of his son. He's very proud of Nathan, and not just because Nathan is his son. He's also proud of him because Nathan is alive even after six major surgeries (the most recent one was just this weekend) and four acute sepsis episodes. His son is a fighter and a happy one, too! Just look at that smile!

Darling Nathan. I had no idea. I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with Piero while his mom was just starting her pregnancy with Nathan so we were pregnant together for a time. I remember being in the elevator with them once and we were so excited. I always wondered why I never saw the baby. I thought he must be with the grandparents. To find out today that he's been fighting for his life for the last 7 months is heartbreaking.

Nathan has short bowel syndrome. Nearly all his intestines were surgically removed and now he has just 13 cms left. Our bodies need the intestines to process our food and absorb nutrients. Nathan is doing well for someone who has just 13 cms of intestines (an iPhone 6 is longer!)—he's super cute and if I hadn't seen the tubes and the hospital logo on his bedsheets, I wouldn't have known he was sick. He's such a strong boy! But every day is a new day of good news and bad news because short bowel syndrome is a serious condition and you never know what a day will bring. So let's pray for Nathan to become stronger and for his intestines to adapt to its new length.

We can also help with his medical costs, which are rising astronomically. I truly hope we can help out his parents, Archie and Judith. Nathan is their first baby and they would like nothing more than to bring him home and see him grow big and strong. We all want that for our kids! I want that for Nathan, too. Don't you want that, too? I'm sure you do!

So let's help Nathan!

Please like his Facebook page: Fight With Nathan. Lots of updates there on his growth and development. Cute photos and videos, too!

Please also visit his website: Go Feed Nathan. Information on how to help with the medical costs is there.

Please share his website and Facebook page so that even more people can help. And please pray for him and his parents. They need our prayers to strengthen not just their bodies but to refresh their minds and spirits, too.

Thank you so much, mommies and daddies! God bless you!

*photos from Fight With Nathan and Go Feed Nathan

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