Monday, September 14, 2015

Old photos of my #SalesVIPs

If you follow me on Instagram (you don't?! Follow me now! @francesasales!!!), my IG is full of the most adorable people on the planet: my sons! Vito, Iñigo and Piero are the stars of my feed and you can follow their adventures via the hashtag #SalesVIP.

People have sent me emails saying they have created #SalesVIP fan clubs (although I must insist that their Papa and I are the original fans!) and this blog post is for them—photos that never made it to Instagram!

Me and my boys!
Vince and his boys!
The happiest boy ever sits on my lap while his older brothers play on their gadgets. 
Two little monkeys jumping on the bed.
In their spaceship!
These boys make us go bananas!

We have thousands more of adorable photos of our messy, chaotic, un-Instagrammable, un-Pinterastable life! It's not pretty, our life, but it sure is profoundly beautiful.

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