Monday, September 28, 2015

Pampers has a millionaire!

This post is brought to you by Pampers Baby Dry.

Mommies, I didn't win the one million pesoses. Yes, we have a winner and Pampers just told me about it! I'm both excited and super inggit! 

Congratulations, Mommy Maria!

Here's what happened:

Maria Felicidad Valdoria went to the supermarket to buy essentials for her family of four. She and her husband admit that budget is tight especially since they had their two kids, two-month-old son Palix Diet and one-year-old daughter Bettina Kateri, in such a short span of time. I can imagine. I mean, diapers, vaccinations—these add up!

But Maria says they don't make tipid on the stuff that matters: “I want my younger child to get the same things his sister is getting right now. In the same way na ayaw rin naming tipirin ang budget para sa panganay namin just to ensure the bright future of her younger brother. We want both of them to get the best that our resources can buy,” she said.

That means Maria only buys trusted brands for her family's essentials. “Trusted brands like Pampers are not only products that we use every day. They help in our children’s development, allowing them to achieve their first milestones in life,” she shared.

I totally agree with her. I'm a Pampers mommy and I have not regretted shelling out just a bit more to buy this diaper. My kids don't have diaper rash, they don't get itchy and uncomfortable, they aren't distracted from achieving their milestones and from their much needed sleep by a yucky, malfunctioning diaper. So thanks so much talaga, Pampers, when you started sponsoring our diapers! 

And I am sure Mommy Maria is thanking Pampers for awarding her kids a million pesos!!!

Super swerte grabe. And nakakatuwa kasi I feel that their family really deserved this blessing. Napunta ang isang milyon sa mga taong hindi ito iwawaldas ba. Sabi ni Mommy Maria, "Simple lang ang buhay namin at ang tanging hangad naming mag-asawa para sa mga anak namin ay mabigyan sila ng magandang kinabukasan. Kaya sobrang saya ko nang malaman kong ako ang first winner ng PHP1 million! This will help us fulfil our children’s dreams!” 

Here's what Maria and her husband will do with the prize: “We will invest it in a time deposit first, para po kapag dumating ang tamang panahon ay magagamit na namin siya para sa education ng bunso ko. Gusto po kasi namin masiguradong mapapagtapos namin sila pareho dahil iyon na ang pinakamaganda na naming maipamamana sa kanila.”

Well, kahit hindi tayo nanalo, mga mommies, I still feel assured that my kids still have the legacy of Pampers (naks!). What's that? Protected skin. Gentle care. No moisture and itchy material to irritate delicate skin. Uninterrupted play. Uninterrupted sleep. That means a happy baby! That's a Pampers baby!

Mommy Maria agrees. “Pampers Baby Dry is really impressive. It keeps baby dry for a long time, kaya mahimbing ang tulog naming lahat,” she said. Its breathable backsheet also prevents skin irritations and rashes, giving baby the comfort that he needs. “Wala na silang rashes ngayon and that makes them happier and sociable, too,” she added.

Maria said that with a better mood and complete hours of sleep, her babies develop faster. She’s very happy to have witnessed their first laugh, first word, first crawl and... (drum roll please) first Php1 million prize for baby’s first bank account.

Congratulations again, Maria! God bless you and your family!

For more details, watch the newest Pampers TVC or visit the Pampers Facebook page.  

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