Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Halloween costumes at Pottery Barn Kids are sooo cute!

My husband is a little kid at heart. He loves it when Halloween rolls around because he now has an excuse to dress up the boys in costume. He is so cute because he loves making our boys even cuter!  

Last year, the boys were superheroes. Vito was Batman, Iñigo was Spider-Man, and Piero was Superman. We haven't decided this year what they'll be (my guess is they'll want to be Avengers) but when I saw these costumes from Pottery Barn, I was just so delighted! Take a look:
What a cute little kitten!
Baa baa baby!
Cutest shark in the world!
Do they have this in my size???
Unicorn darling!
Enchanting witch.
She's either a butterfly or a fairy. Gave me the heebie-jeebies. Heehee, not a fan of butterflies!
This cute vampire's bodice needs improvement—it looks like a napkin!
Reaching for the stars!
This is actually cool... and kinda scary, too.
An engineer and a train all in one!
Wizarding wonder!

I adore the 2015 costume collection of Pottery Barn Kids! And I love how complete they are—yep, all accessories included. I hate incomplete costumes! You can also add felt treat bags and containers if your kids will join a Trick or Treat event.

Fun fun fun! Now if only that ladybug costume came in my size...!

There's Pottery Barn Kids at Central Square in BGC, Taguig, and at Estancia Mall at Capitol Commons, Pasig. Enjoy shopping, mommies!

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  1. Haha! Do they have costumes for adults too? :P Loving the astronaut costume!!


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