Saturday, September 12, 2015

We loved Ready Steady Go Kids!

My friends know that my husband and I are not fans of too early schooling. We think babies should remain babies for as long as possible, and school just makes them grow up too fast. We're heavily influenced by how Finland does it—school starts for kids when they are 7 years old. That's kinda really old!

But since everyone we know were enrolling their kids in preschools starting at age 2, we tried a few times to check if our kids were ready for school. We tried Gymboree, Kindermusik, trial classes at the preschool in our building, and finally Ready Steady Go Kids. How do you know when your child is ready for preschool? Check out this list:
  1. Can they sit still for at least 5 minutes?
  2. Do they listen to instructions?
  3. Can they follow instructions?
  4. Can they be by themselves (no parent or guardian beside them)?
  5. Can they do simple tasks on their own?
When we tried the aforementioned pre-K programs, the boys showed they weren't ready yet. They'd rather play on their own or they needed us to be near them. That's why even though Vito and Iñigo are incredibly smart and social and independent, we didn't enrol them in any preschool. So my friends were surprised when in November last year, we suddenly enrolled Vito in school. "What happened?!?"

Ready Steady Go Kids happened. And we had such an amazing time!

These photos are from last year. Yeah, I never got to blog about it because right after RSGK, Vito showed he was ready for school and then everything just happened quickly—we enrolled him in preschool and I just forgot to blog about it! Plus, I had a new baby last year (hehe I'm so pudgy in these photos!) and we all know how babies take up all our time!

Anyway, Vito tried the sports play program in August last year. He had just turned 4 and yet we still hadn't enrolled him in preschool because he just wasn't interested. Then we tried Ready Steady Go Kids (RSGK) and suddenly he was all fired up for school!

(Click the link in the previous paragraph to know what RSGK is all about.)

But first, this is what he looked like before his first ever day in RSGK.

And this is him a few minutes later!

What a change! Vito really enjoyed all of the activities at RSGK. The running, jumping, balancing, singing, skipping, hopping, kicking, chasing, throwing—everything!

And here's what the boys look like after every RSGK session: sweaty and tired but fully alert! I love how excited they are after every class. Sobrang worth it talaga this program!

I highly recommend RSGK as a preparatory program for preschool and a supplementary activity for preschoolers who go to schools that don't prioritize active play. Playing—and we mean lots of movement!—really helps kids develop their minds, not just bodies. It's more than being fit and healthy. An active body has a well developed core and balance, and this helps children pay attention and stay focused on mental tasks. (Read: Why So Many Kids Can't Sit Still in School Today.) If your kids don't get out much, you should check out programs like martial arts, dance classes, and sports clinics. RSGK is a good one! 

Of course, letting your kids go out and play outside your own house, with the neighborhood kids, for hours on end every single day is still the best and most economical way to get your kids moving but many of us live in the city, in cramped villages or condos, and aren't friendly with our neighbors so we hardly let our kids out. 

Thank goodness we have friendly neighbors! Our boys spend afternoons running, jumping, rolling, wrestling, falling over, getting dirty, and fighting with the other kids. They're sweaty and filthy by the time they come home at 6pm, but the outdoor play really has helped them developmentally and also puts them in bed by 8pm. Hooray!  

Ready Steady Go Kids
Unit 202, Three Brixton Building, Brixton St., Kapitolyo, Pasig City
T: (02) 631-1497
Globe: (0917) 863-0094
Smart: (0919) 993-6189

P.S. Iñigo also tried out Ready Steady Go Kids with Vito. He wasn't officially enrolled but the RSGK team were cool with our then-2-year-old toddler to be saling pusa. Well, he wasn't ready at all! Just look at him doing his own thing!

Silly wabbit!

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