Friday, October 30, 2015

Easy Mushroom Tempura kids will love!

This post is brought to you by Jolly.

Hello mommies! Yesterday, I had a shoot for Jolly, the brand for quality, yummy, and affordable canned food. As a brand ambassador for Jolly, I was a guest at a soon-to-be-released online cooking show. We shot four webisodes with Chef Mitchie Sison and it was so much fun cooking with her... for you!

All the recipes we made yesterday was super quick to make. As in wala pang 15 minutes yata, we had hot, hearty, delicious meals ready. I was especially in love with the mushroom tempura we cooked. It's such an easy recipe! Here it is:

Chef Mitchie's tips:
  • The recipe says season the flour, right? Well, Chef Mitchie said season the flour, egg and breadcrumbs! Just a pinch each of salt and pepper in each ingredient.
  • When frying anything, the oil has to be super hot so that your food will be crispy. Kapag linagay mo kasi ang pagkain in not-too-hot oil, the food absorbs the oil and then it becomes soggy and oily.
  • No tempura sauce? You can just use Jolly Real Mayo or catsup or spicy chili sauce!
  • Vegetable tempura is a great snack for kids. If you want to make a veggie tempura platter, Chef Mitchie says to pick firm vegetables. That's eggplant, zucchini, onion, squash, broccoli, kamote, sweet bell pepper.   
  • Okay, so the mushroom tempura in the photo actually looks like breaded mushrooms. I know, I know but tempura requires a special kind of flour and ice cold water for it to be super fluffy. Chef Mitchie says you can buy tempura flour at Japanese food shops. You can make your own but then the recipe won't be easy anymore haha!

Can't wait to make this with my boys! They've been really helpful in the kitchen. Look!
Homemade pizza
Mushroom omelette with truffle oil 

I'll be talking more about food, nutrition and kitchen tips on Jolly's soon-to-launch website so please do watch for that! Meanwhile, here's a behind-the-scenes look at yesterday's shoot:
Chef Mitchie is sooo cute and super galing in front of the camera!
Chef Mitchie did the cooking because when I had to fry, I shrieked when the oil made talsik!
Lotsa people make a cooking show possible!

My Jolly family is so jolly!

Okay, if you don't follow me on Instagram, my new gig as brand ambassador of Jolly might come to you as a surprise. Yes, I forgot to tell my blog readers! I'm so active on Instagram and Facebook, I just assume my blog readers follow me there, too. Oops!

Well, dear mommy readers, last August, I joined the Jolly family as one of its brand ambassadors. The other brand ambassador is mom extraordinaire Janice Villanueva of Mommy Mundo. We were introduced to members of the press (naks!) at Movenpick Mactan, where we all learned about nutrition from Professor Luchie Callanta of Center for Culinary Arts, how to prepare fun and delicious baon from April Lim of the BentoMommas, and how to serve easy but gourmet meals to our family and friends from Chef Sau del Rosario.

Here is a news article about the Jolly junket: Breaking Myths About Unhealthy Canned Food.

Here are photos from that amazing weekend:

Werkin' it!
Chef Sau's pork humba with Jolly Mushrooms.
Chef Sau elevated the maja mais recipe with Jolly Whole Corn, right? Must say masarap siya. I think I ate 10 of these.
I super like April of the BentoMommas. We got along so well!
My first ever bento box! I'm so proud.
My bento box! I ate it when when I got back to Manila, while stuck in traffic. Soooo delicious!
Here are the other bento boxes of my new press friends. Top left is mine!
My new Jolly family!
It wasn't all work at the Jolly junket!
Loved the spa. Loved Movenpick. Love Cebu! Love Jolly!

I'm really so happy and proud to be part of Jolly. I've been using Jolly for a few years now, when I became a mom because I became more conscious of what we buy. I wanted quality food at an affordable price and can help me save more time. Jolly ticks all the boxes!

I'll be talking more about Jolly here, mommies. It will be fun, promise!

Meanwhile, please like Jolly's Facebook page, Jolly Eats (there's lots of contests with great prizes!). You can also follow Jolly on Instagram via @jollyeatsph and the hashtag #MakeItJolly.

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  1. So so happy for you Frances! We LOVE Jolly products! Will try nga that mushroom tempura. I'm sure Jacob will love it.


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