Thursday, October 15, 2015

Traveling this sem break? Get SMART Surf Abroad!

This post is brought to you by SMART Communications.

Look at me being silly at SMART's recent event to launch their new and fantastic SMART Surf Abroad 550.

But seriously, traveling when you're not connected—especially when you're a mom!—is no fun at all. I've talked about the stress of traveling abroad with an unreliable mobile services provider (click here). Back then, I had a simple phone so all I worried about was making sure I can call home and emergency numbers, if ever. But since I worried about bill shock, I very seldom turned on my phone. But now that I have an iPhone 6 and many apps that connect me to everything, I need my Uber, my Waze, my Whatsapp, my Facebook, my Messenger, my Instagram. Plus, my kids' apps!!! I can't afford to NOT be connected!

Well, good thing I went to the SMART event at EDSA Shangri-La after my photo shoot for Baby Magazine because I learned that I can enjoy worry-free data roaming in 110 countries with SMART Surf Abroad 550!!!

Sabi ng SMART:
"Just how convenient is it to stay online while traveling abroad? Imagine navigating through the streets of Tokyo like an expert using Google Maps; being able to post your amazing shot of the Eiffel Tower in real-time on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter; hailing an Uber in Las Vegas to avoid the long queues at the taxi bay; or searching online for that elusive Spanish phrase at the tip of your tongue. 
There’s also checking your work email while taking a rest from your walking tour in Seoul; connecting to your Airbnb host upon landing in Sydney; and getting in touch with your loved ones and friends through popular chat apps like WhatsApp, Viber and Messenger wherever you are – among many other things."
I love it! 

So what is SMART Surf Abroad 550? Let me list it for ya:
  • It's a data roaming package.
  • Available to all SMART Postpaid subscribers (like me) for only P550 per day. By end of the year, pati Prepaid subscribers can also avail this package na.
  • There's automatic registration, which means no more need to key in special codes, register via text or call the hotline. Just turn on your phone and it will automatically look for the partner mobile services provider of SMART sa bansa na pinuntahan mo. 
  • Once you're connected, you'll get helpful notifications about your subscription. 
  • The service is also powered by network-lock technology. What's that? Your phone is locked onto SMART’s roaming partner-networks. You don't have to keep manually selecting every time you turn on your phone. Better yet, you won't incur unwanted charges when you return from your vacation. No bill shock!!!

Obviously, it's my choice for when I travel abroad! Well, I'm not flying off with my family abroad anytime soon. All my friends are jetting off with their kids this coming sem break! I'm tempted to fly out with my family, too! But while we all have our passports, parang I want to wait till my babiest baby Piero is a wee bit older para I won't go crazy. Three kids is madami pala, you know. Kailangan ko ng yaya. Sana SMART's Surf Abroad 550 has a yaya included! Heehee.

For more information on this new offer, visit

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