Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Windows 10 helps me do great things!

This post is brought to you by Microsoft Windows 10 OS.

This month, I got an early Christmas present: I got a new Acer hybrid laptop! It's also called a 2-in-1 device because it can be a laptop and it can be a tablet. So if I need to be on the go, I just remove the keyboard and stash the screen (actually, the tablet) into my bag and off I go!

My Acer fits in my little bag.

I'm telling you this story because two simple photos I posted on Instagram of my new 2-in-1 device generated shock curiosity from my followers, especially iOS fans, because they know I'm a Mac user.

Moving slowly from Mac to Windows.

I don't understand why this is an issue haha because I am perfectly comfortable on both systems! But this year, my blogging business went up a notch, maybe even a few notches. I started offering workshops and I started pitching to brands (versus passively waiting for brands to approach me). I found that I needed Microsoft products because there was simply more people in the corporate world who were using it than iOS.

Writing my articles for BABY Magazine.

In the three short weeks I've used Windows 10, I'm happy to report that it truly does make me do great things! Let me count the ways:
  • I now use Word. I know! Doesn't everybody? Only if you have Windows in your computer! I used a different word processing program before but now the extra step of converting my file to Word so that my clients can open my files was removed! Hooray! As a writer and magazine editor who also happens to be a mom of three little boys, I appreciate simplicity! Anything that saves me time is a godsend!
  • I made workshop presentations using PowerPoint. What a relief! I remember the looooong and embarrassing delay at my Powerbooks blog talk and again at my blogging workshop at The Study by Enderun all because I couldn't get Keynote to work! 
  • I am also making a blog media kit using PowerPoint so that next year, when I present to clients for my blog and for Beauty Biz Bliss (my business collaboration with Make It Blissful and Mommy Ginger), my presentations will be spiffy and fab!
  • I'm really liking the browser Edge. It doesn't have the clutter and clunkiness of Chrome. It's a simple and clean browser so it's faster. It really does feel faster, and that's so important to me when I work because time is everything to me!
  • I started a gift list on Excel. I got the idea from Gwyneth Paltrow who says her Excel list spans years. On it she has everyone's gifts to her and her gifts to them listed meticulously so that she will never repeat gifts. I think it also helps you when you recycle gifts hehe
  • I'm also using Excel now to keep track of my business. Yes! Now that I made blogging a real business entity, I can track payments, create invoices and receipts. It's so organized!!! 
  • My kids are enjoying the apps and games we downloaded from the Windows Store. And I mean Minecraft. That game can eat up Vito's whole day!
  • Good thing there's an app called Family Safety. It helps me monitor my kids' activities online—from the sites they visited to the games they played. I can also restrict their access to certain sites and games. Plus, I can set time limits on the device. When their time is up, the device just shuts down automatically. So walang negotiations, threats, forceful removal of gadget, tantrums and stress like that. The device is off. Ano magagawa nila??? Yey!  
There's still a lot of stuff I'm exploring on my new Windows 10 device. For example, Skype. Because we're all busy moms and working women and because of the horrific traffic everywhere, my Beauty Biz Bliss partners have been calling for Skype meetings forever and now I finally can do it! Windows 10 also has this fab feature where I can actually draw on websites and then I can send the link (with my notes on it!) to anyone. So many things to discover on my new Windows 10 2-in-1 gadget!

I'll do another blog post soon on what else Windows 10 is helping me with. What it definitely helps me with now is it makes me more efficient, it saves me time, it frees my mind from stress and worry when it comes to my kids' online security. Now I have more time to do the things I need to do. I'm doing great things as a writer, an editor, a businesswoman, a creative person, and most importantly, as a mom! I love it!

If you want to know more about Windows 10, like the Facebook pages of Microsoft Philippines and Windows.

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