Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Review: 7 reasons why I love the Electrolux Ultramix Time Manager washing machine

I'm so in love these days. In love with my new washing machine!!! Let me introduce you to my latest baby: the Electrolux Ultramix Time Manager.  

Hehe sorry it's not "styled." I took these photos while we were actually doing the laundry! Here's what it looked like when it was fresh out of the box:

I'll make this review easy for all of us by enumerating my likes and dislikes.

What I liked:
1. It's small and compact. 
Since I live in a condo, space is everything. Granted, I have a roomy laundry area (with a big window, too!) but every square foot counts in a condo! 
Plus the top of the machine is a sturdy workspace! 

2. It's so high-tech!
I confess it is so high-tech, I let the machine sit in my laundry room for a week before I did the laundry! In fact, I called the Electrolux service center first to send someone to help me use it. I know, I know, that's what the manual is for but I was sooooo intimidated. Ayoko siyang masira!

There's a dashboard of functions, which you can see on a screen. Here's a list of what the washing machine is programmed to wash: 
  • Cottons
  • Mixed
  • Delicates
  • Quick 18 (just an 18-minute wash for moms in a hurry)
  • Refresh (not for washing but for freshening up clean clothes that have been in storage, for example; can also be used for taking out wrinkles!)
  • Vapour (extra two rinses and a vapor promise to remove allergens from your clothes)
  • Baby (gentle wash in warm water, plus an extra rinse a la Vapour function so that baby's skin is extra protected from allergens and chemicals)
  • Energy Saving (faster wash and in cold water so less power and water are used)

At a push of a button, the whole machine turns on and the screen tells you what function you chose. A sensor also tells you how much detergent to put based on how heavy the load of laundry is. Yes! Sooo smart, diba??? What's also cool is I can customize the settings so, for example, super mabaho or madumi (I have little boys!), I can adjust the washing time for longer. 

3. It's so easy to use!
After I figured out the buttons—and that took maybe 2 minutes, promise!—I saved the settings that suits my family best by pressing the “Favorite” button. So our maid just turns on the machine, loads the laundry, and presses "Favorite," and leaves it. It's that simple! It's soooo simple even my 5-year-old son has done the laundry twice!

A photo posted by Frances (@francesasales) on

4. It's hardworking. 
It can take 11 kgs of laundry, mommies! That's a lot! We never fill it up to 11 kilograms and we're already a family of 5! That's why now we only do the laundry once a week.
Wash and wash and wash away!

5. It's easy to maintain.
Just leave the door open after each laundry session so that whatever moisture is in the machine will evaporate. We also wipe the rubber inside the door.

6. It saves me money.
I separate our laundry into two piles: one for clothes and another for sheets and towels. Our old washing machine couldn't handle big loads so we sent the sheets and towels to a laundromat every two weeks. Now, we just let the Time Manager do everything! Well, except the duvet and the rugs.

Considering that we're doing more laundry now and with a more powerful machine, I expected our electricity bill to go up. It didn't!!! That means I'm doing more laundry but with a more efficient and energy-saving machine!
The machine also tells me how much detergent and fabric conditioner to use!

7. It saves me time. 
Today, laundry day is not a correct term for us. It's really more like laundry minutes!!! We press the button on, load the laundry, put the detergent and fabric conditioner, turn the tap on, close the door and then we forget about it!!! About two hours later, we come back and the laundry is done! That's a whole day I can now devote to my family or my work, or to relaxing activities like sleeping!
It really lives up to its name!

What I didn't like:
NOTHING. I love my washing machine so much, I cried the second time I used it. The first time kasi, natatakot pa ako gamitin. So I was stressed hahaha. But the second time I used it, my preschooler sons were watching and they were so impressed with how amazing it was. And then I did see that it was amazing and I got teary-eyed imagining how easy my life will be from now on!

If you're planning to use your 13th month pay on an appliance, this is it!!! The SRP for the Electrolux Ultramix Time Manager EWF14112 washing machine is P57,995. It's totally worth every peso! 

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  1. Hi frances! Do the clothes come out dry or damp? I'm looking to buy one!

    1. Yes! But it also depends on your settings. I don't like it dry because sa sobrang bilis ng spin, lumalabas na masyadong gusot ang damit. So I lowered the RPM and so the clothes are damp. Sinasampay pa rin namin. Mahangin kasi our laundry area so okay lang. =)

  2. Thanks for this review, Frances! We recently moved to our condo and currently looking for a new washing machine. I'll check this one out!

  3. Does it have a child-lock function?

    1. Yes it does! I completely forgot to mention that! =D

  4. Ganda ng review! I'll have this brand in mind when we need to buy a washing machine at home :) It's a smart washing machine. :D

    1. I love this washing machine sooooo much!!! Highly recommended! =)

  5. I was waiting for the price tag!!!! Hahahaha! Kinda hefty the price pero mukhang sobrang worth it nga.

    1. Ya. May kamahalan siya. Pero sa tingin ko worth it talaga. Naiyak nga ako sa saya haha


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