Saturday, December 12, 2015

Review: Storytell Prints photo printing app

I'm really liking Storytell Prints, this app I downloaded from the Apple Store a few months ago. It's a photo printing service you can use straight from your phone. That way you won't even need to save photos to a memory stick. Just pick photos from your camera roll, Instagram and Facebook, pay for it, and get your printed photos in three days.

Here's a walkthrough of the app:

These are the formats available.
These are offered, too, but were in the "Coming soon!" category.

Once you picked the formats you want, you pick the photos from your
phone camera albums, Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

You can edit the photos!!! Minimally but pwede pa rin!

The Polastyle lets you write captions!

My cart at checkout.

My total.

Photos uploading. Can take a while so make sure your Internet
connection is super strong.

How to pay.
Three days later (or was it two?), my order arrived! That was fast!

Bubble wrapped.
Protective wrapping.
My Polastyle shots! 
I also had my favorite quotes I found on Instagram printed.

So how did I find Storytell Prints? Here's my summary review!

What I liked:
1. Easy to navigate app.
2. Cute formats to choose from.
3. Ease of payment.
4. Fast delivery.
5. Convenient everything.
6. Instant photo album with me everywhere.

What I didn't like:
1. The photos come out washed out. And they crop pics, too.
2. It's expensive. Unlike a lot of people, my husband and I actually go to the photo shops to have our pictures printed out. A print costs P7. 4R na yun. Storytell Prints photos in the Squares format is P450 for 24 pieces. That's P18.75 a piece!

My takeaway:
Even though I said it's expensive, I think the fact that you skip so many steps to get photos printed more than makes up for the cost. Imagine: I don't need to save photos to a USB, go to the mall, wait for an hour (or two) for the printing to be done, eat and shop while waiting for the photos, pay parking, and then fight the traffic just to go home. For all the convenience given me, I'm going with Storytell Prints.

Storytell Prints is available for download FREE on Apple Store and Google Play. Like Storytell Prints on Facebook.

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  1. Yey! Super helpful Ms.F!!!!:)
    I always wanted this thing to happen...Life Goals...haha.tamad mode ako eh,...or should I say "for busy pe0ple" this is super helpful...hehehe... thankie!!! Mwah!

  2. I am overseas (Canada) - will the app worK?

    1. Oh! I don't know know, when I got this app a few months ago, it was super new and all their services back then were limited. Kindly check their Facebook page and see if they have an update re: worldwide shipping.


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