Friday, December 18, 2015

We loved Hi-5 House of Dreams in Manila! (Plus, my 5+1 tips on how to enjoy the show)

We had the most amazing time watching Hi-5 House of Dreams this afternoon! Look at our fun adventure!

"Hi-5!" Here at the huge and absolutely beautiful Performing Arts Theater.
We met Stevie Nicholson! We were starstruck!!!
The show is about the Hi-5 girls and boys having a sleepover. They talk about their favorite dreams before sleeping... 
... and their friend Chats uses a magic dreamcatcher to make their dreams come true.
Here's the magic dreamcatcher. It also adds a twist to the dreams, by the way!
Stevie dreamed of becoming a king, so Chats made him King... of the Jungle!
Jess dreamed of flying so in her dream, she was turned into a fairy!
We love the way the cast interacted with their audience while performing with all their hearts!
Tanica dreamed of riding a unicorn. Instead, in her dream, she became a cowgirl!
Their energy was incredible. They sang and danced enthusiastically while singing! 
Ainsley dreamed to be a rock star. In his dream, he was a lob-star! 
"So come with me under the sea! And we could be under the sea!"
Look at the kids going crazy over the bubbles!
"L, O, V, E. I love you and you love me!"

  1. Go early. There's a lot to do. There's Hi-5 merchandise to buy. Stevie is doing a book signing and photo op with his fans. And Alaska Choco is giving away free chocolate drinks!
  2. Buy Stevie's book, Super Dudes. It's pricey at P700 a copy but you get to have it signed by Stevie himself, and you get to have a photo with him, and it's a really fun and funny book! My kids loved it when we read it to them twice this evening!
  3. Eat and drink before the show. Food and drink aren't allowed in the theater. There's a 15-minute intermission but that's barely enough time to eat when you have little kids running around!
  4. Go to the bathroom before the show. The comfort rooms have only 6 stalls. So when the moms and kids pour out of the theater during intermission and after the nearly two-hour show, the line is looooooooooong.
  5. At the end of the show, all the kids will be allowed to run up to the stage (not to the stage itself) and the Hi-5 team will bend down and give high-fives to the kids for one minute! So get ready to run up! 
Sinong kinikilig???

Oh, we had such a great time! Even Vince and me! Can't wait for the next time the Hi-5 House visits Manila. I think they're coming over again next year!

Moms, Hi-5 House of Dreams will be playing live at the Newport Performing Arts Theater until Dec 21! To watch this year's show (and I highly recommend that you do!), visit Tickets start at P2,400. There are discounts if you're an HSBC cardholder. We got the VIP 2 tickets (P3,800) which is near enough the stage. But you can get the less expensive tickets. I saw that the theater people allowed a lot of the kids to go up to the VIP 2 area because there's a big space there for singing and dancing. Yes, another tip! Enjoy!

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