Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cute kids unboxing Smart Bro Gadget Plus Plans

This post is brought to you by SMART Communications.

We made an unboxing video! Diba I said we parents should make unboxing videos? Well, my husband and kids did! Check it out by scrolling down to the next post. Be prepared for mega cuteness!

Kids are just so perfect for videos. They're just adorable! When I watched the unboxing videos of these kids for SMART, I have to say that even when they're all geeky, they are still soooo cute! 

For example, how cute are these kids talking about the Acer Iconia One 7?

And check out this girl rattling off the specs of the Lenovo Tab 2 A370:

And I know you've seen this before from my last SMART post, but I'll post it again because this darling little girl is so articulate!

They're so aliw. I swear I can't do what they just did. I'm smart, okay, but I can't do gadget reviews. Thank goodness I'm married to a gadget nerd! (Love you, Vince!)

Now if you want to make your own unboxing video, syempre kailangan niyo ng box, preferably with a new gadget inside, diba? Hehehe! For that, Smart Bro offers the coolest gadgets that are bundled with the biggest data so you and your kids can experience the Smart Life and enjoy all your favorite apps on the go. 

Just look at the affordable (yes, affordable!) HERO PLANS:
Plan 599: Two (2) Acer Iconia One 7 + 4G Pocket WiFi
Plan 899: iPad Mini 2 16GB (no cashout, 30 mos lock in)
GPP 399: Lenovo Tab 2 A730 (3G)

As an extra treat, Smart Bro’s  come with these, too:
- FREE 30-day subscription and 
- FREE 1.1 GB data for top entertainment apps like iFlix, FOX via Viewstream, and Spinnr!  

So now you and your kids can enjoy music, TV shows, movies, educational apps, fun games and more (plus make unboxing videos, too!) all because of Smart Bro's awesome gadget deals! Sign up for a  a new Smart Bro plan by simply heading to the nearest Smart Store with a valid ID, a proof of address, and proof of income. Fill up the form indicating your choice of gadget and plan. You can also sign up online with free nationwide delivery via the Smart Online Store at

For more on Smart Bro's Hero Plans, go to

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