Friday, January 29, 2016

The Gruffalo is back in Manila and my kids LOVED it!

My kids loved the Gruffalo books. They loved the movies. And they love the musical!!! The Gruffalo is back in Manila and you really must see the show!

The Gruffalo is about a Mouse who went hunting for nuts in the deep, dark wood. She gets hunted by a Fox, an Owl, and a Snake instead! She outwits them by inventing a terrifying monster called a Gruffalo. But is the Gruffalo really just a figment of her imagination? Does she truly escape the Fox, the Owl and the Snake? And does she finally find nuts???

My kids found out and they loved how the story turned out!

This is actually the second time Vito and Iñigo watched The Gruffalo, but they were so young the first time they watched it so this show was all so new to them. And Piero, too! Look at how happy they are:

Omigosh, the cast is so talented! And fun. And funny. And friendly. And they really interacted with the audience—the kids were going wild!

There are still six shows left:
Jan 29, Friday at 4 PM
Jan 30, Saturday at 10 AM
Jan 30, Saturday at 12 NN
Jan 31, Sunday at 10 AM
Jan 31, Sunday at 12 NN
Jan 31, Sunday at 2 PM

Buy your tickets from Ticketworld now. You can also buy at the theater's box office itself. Tickets start at P1,000 and end at P2,500. But Carlos P. Romula Auditorium (a.k.a. the RCBC Theater) is so small, it's okay to get the cheapest seats!

Do watch! Super duper highly mega recommended to the max!!!

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