Sunday, January 17, 2016

Vito and Iñigo's very first unboxing video!

If you have young kids like I do and you have an iPad or smart phone or anything that can load YouTube, then I am sure you know all about those unboxing videos.

After a couple of years of my kids watching Hobby Kids and Disney Collector and everyone else who takes a video of toys being opened, our boys Vito and Iñigo decided they want to make their own unboxing video! Watch watch!

My favorite highlights:
Bloopers like someone forgetting his pants!
Going out of frame!
Showing what's inside the box—they know the drill! 
Letting loose in the background!
Adorable good-byes!

It is sooo cute really. Their Papa and I are super proud that our kids have such fine motor skills, and can communicate really well, and love doing their little projects and dragging us along with them! The kids love this little home video of theirs. Maybe we can do more videos soon!  

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1 comment:

  1. Oh my they are the cutest!!!!!!! :) And tawang tawa ako kasi Vince has to remind Vito na wala syang pants. So cute.


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