Friday, January 15, 2016

Windows 10 is what every #ModernMomOnTheGo needs!

This post is brought to you by Microsoft Windows 10.

I am still working my way around my new Acer 2-in-1 device. It's powered by Microsoft Windows 10 and it's pretty fantastic. But I'm taking my time discovering its features. Since I'm a writer, editor and blogger, I really just use my laptop for writing, editing and surfing the Internet. That's about it. Oh, and some photo editing now and then. But other than those things, MS Office and Edge (that's the browser) are enough for me.

So the super nice people at Microsoft decided to help me out a bit and actually invited me over for a little tutorial. Just to tell me, "Hey, you can do so much more with Windows 10, ya know!" So off I went to their super nice office and what was supposed to be just an hour's tutorial became 2-and-a-half hours! I was so impressed! And a bit overwhelmed. Oh, the wonderful things I can do with my PC!

One of the things I totally like is the sign-in process. This really makes me feel secure because my kids grab my tablet or laptop a lot and if I happen to have left it on the table, they could easily get it while I'm away and then type words or delete articles or share links to strange sites with my Facebook friends. Yes, this has happened. I'm not being paranoid.

There are three ways to access my tablet. With a PIN. With a really complicated password. Or with a photo!

If your PC has an Intel Real Sense 3D camera* and you've upgraded your OS to Windows 10, you can also do Windows Hello. This log-in security feature is soooo cool because it uses your face to sign in. Yes, it's facial recognition! We are totally living in the future! So the camera just scans your face and then you're done! The PC turns on. You can also use your thumb print if you don't like your face haha.

The other thing I liked is the Snap Assist. I'm never doing just one thing when I'm in front of my computer. I mean, really, do you just do ONE thing? Right now, I'm blogging, Facebooking, watching a YouTube video on planners (my new obsession), researching stuff to debunk the crazy stuff people share on Facebook, and writing an article for a website. All at the same time. Some people call that unfocused. Mothers call that multi-tasking.

And Snap Assist really helps me multi-task! Snap Assist lets me see my windows all at once. Unlike other OS where I'll need to resize windows or minimize them, Snap Assist automatically resizes and arranges my windows on my screen in a, well, in a snap!

You know what that means? I save time. I'm not looking for windows I've minimized. I'm not resizing windows I want to see all at once. I'm looking at everything I'm doing simultaneously. That means a lot when you're a working mom at home and every second is precious because you never know when the baby will wake up or when the doorbell rings!

These are just two of the things I totally love about my new Windows 10. Next up for me to explore? Sway, which is like Microsoft's own PowerPoint but a million times better. PowerPoint is for kids. Sway is for the pros. Since I'm now a businesswoman who does pitches to clients and workshops for blog readers, I need Sway to make my presentations more slick and amazing.

That's all for now! I'm so glad Windows 10 is helping me with my mommy life and my working woman life. Have you upgraded to Windows 10 yet? It's free till July! Oh, and please do tell me what else on Windows 10 I should check out! Thanks!

*Click here for a list of PC devices that have Intel Real Sense 3D cameras.

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