Tuesday, February 9, 2016

3 mindful tips from Glad® ClingWrap on how to save food

This post is brought to you by Glad® ClingWrap.

I'm happy to say that Glad®, a line of food protection products, sent me and some of my mommy friends their products. We all love Glad®! When Glad® asked us if we wanted to try their products, we all said, "Matagal na naming ginagamit ang Glad®!" But of course we wanted more!

Many Pinoy moms really are Glad® fans. And I'm personally glad (heehee) about that. I read a recent report by the Food and Agriculture Organization [http://business.inquirer.net/204890/cost-of-food-waste-reaches-2-6tyr-says-fao] which said that USD 2.6 trillion worth of all food produced in the world gets wasted. Trillion. I can't even imagine trillion. I can believe it, though. In my own home, I regret to say there have been many times we've thrown away food because it wasn't stored well so it lost its freshness, or the texture became weird, or the taste went bad. Sobrang sayang talaga.

Keeping food safe from spoilage... and little hands! Glad ClingWrap FTW! 😄

So I started using storage containers from Glad®, like freezer bags for meat in the freezer, sandwich bags for leftover cereal, chocolate bars, and, well, sandwiches. But the easiest way to store food properly is to just use ClingWrap. Simply wrapping the fresh fruit or vegetable, or even the plate with leftover food in it seals in moisture, helps keep bacteria out, and prevents smells from other food in the fridge to affect each other. Properly packaged food in ClingWrap keeps fresh food in peak condition!

Here are three tips from Glad® ClingWrap on how to save food:

1. Shop smart. Plan meals and list down ingredients so you only buy what you need. Don’t get tempted by items on promo or an exotic fruit unless you know you can incorporate those new ingredients into your meals.

2. Practice portion control. At restaurants, order only what you can finish. Even at our own dinner tables, take only what you can eat. Don’t be greedy!

3. Store food properly. Popping fresh vegetables and leftovers in the fridge without proper protection will result to moisture loss. Uncovered food dries out quickly and becomes inedible. Glad® ClingWrap is a simple solution if you don’t have food containers—just wrap around fruits, vegetables, chocolate, or over your plate!

Lots of pechay and cabbage that I won't need for my nilagang baka anymore so I'm saving them 

for another dish soon. To keep them fresh, I'm wrapping them tightly in Glad ClingWrap.

The people at Glad® told me that they feel bad that too much household food is wasted unnecessarily. Fresh food we buy from the grocery gets forgotten because we're busy and so it spoils before we get to cook or eat it. Leftovers naman become inedible because we didn't use the correct storage. With Glad®, we can make the most of the food we buy and we don’t waste money and food!

Beefsteak marinated! Covered it in Glad ClingWrap and put it in the ref. 

Will serve it with a cucumber salad. Can't wait for dinner! 😊

Let’s love food more and waste food less with Glad®! For more information, visit www.glad.com.ph, like Glad on Facebook at www.facebook.com/gladkitchen, and follow @gladkitchen on Instagram. 

Glad® ClingWrap is available in these sizes and suggested prices Glad® ClingWrap Catering Wrap 33cmx300m for P594, Glad ClingWrap 30cmx30.5m for Php 89.40, Glad ClingWrap refill 30cmx20m for Php 53.60, and the Glad ClingWrap mini 20cmx20m for Php 55. 

Glad® ClingWrap is available at major supermarkets nationwide at SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, Shopwise, Rustans, South Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, Waltermart, Landmark Supermarket, Cash & Carry, Unimart, Makati Supermarket, Hi-Top Supermarket, Cherry Supermarket, Puregold, Metro Gaisano, and Pioneer Center. It is also available at 7-11 outlets and self-service Mercury Drug stores.  

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