Monday, February 8, 2016

Family fun dining at The Peacock Garden in Bohol

Tonight, at bedtime, my second son, Iñigo, was in a chatty mood. "Mama, I want a house that flies. I want it red." I asked, "And why do you want a red flying house?" "So I can go to Bohol all by myself!"

It's been eight months since our trip to Bohol and my kids still ask me to go back. Like, all the time! Thank you so much to The Peacock Garden and to Paint It Red for bringing my family there. The trip was unforgettable. Literally. My boys won't let me forget about The Peacock Garden and Bohol! They talk about it constantly. I'm like, "Life has moved on. Can you guys move on? Maybe let's get excited for Legoland or Disneyland maybe?" Nope. They are obsessed with Bohol.

Let's listen to Iñigo's chatter tonight:

"In Bohol, there's a big garden. Big! And beautiful! I like that garden, Mama."
"In Bohol, the cempede is bigger. The biggest cempede I ever see!"
"In Bohol, the ants are papa ants cause they're SO BIG!"
"In Bohol, the flowers are bigger and more white."
"In Bohol, the swim pool is bigger. Our pool is not nice."
"In Bohol, the bees are so big! I want to see those bees again so Vito will cry!"
"In Bohol, the food is yummy. They're my favorite. I want to eat there again."

Ah yes, the food in The Peacock Garden's The Old Heidelberg restaurant. Soooooo gooooood! Let me give you a tour of the place first:
The Old Heidelberg has a big dining room! Heavy wooden furniture dominate. It's surprising at first since I'm so used to seeing modern styles but the decor quickly grew on me. Very family, homey, comfortable and solid—perfect for little boys!

The restaurant is presided by large chandelier and a heavy table made of marble and wood.

The chairs are made of carved wood and embossed leather. Seriously elicited oohs and aaahs from me!

I fell in love with that high chair.

Anyway! Let's go to the food. Oh, the food! I still dream of the food! Moms and dads, the food at The Old Heidelberg is seriously worth flying to. Here are a few of the dishes we ate:

I didn't order this (Vince did) so I don't know if this is the Beef Brisket (served with seasonal vegetables and parsley potatoes), the Beef Stroganoff (served with homemade Pappardelle), or the Grilled Beef Fillet Steak (served with red wine sauce, bacon beans and baked potatoes). The beef looks like it's the Grilled Beef Fillet Steak but the side dishes look like it's the Brisket. Whatever it is, Vince loved it because he didn't talk to me while he gobbled this all up!

Oh my, this Spicy Pork Tenderloin Salad was refreshing and hot at the same time! Light and yet filling. The contradictions in this dish!

The Club Sandwich is a grilled tender chicken breast with crispy bacon and molten cheddar cheese on toasted Foccacia bread. I need this right now.

This is called Strammer Max. Does this look like plain old ham and eggs? Maybe, maybe. But it's not. Well, yes, it's Black Forest ham and fried eggs on rye bread but it is unforgettable. If I can eat this every morning for the rest of my life, I will be completely content!

Oh, this Deep Fried Camembert! When people found out we were at The Peacock Garden, everyone said, "Try the camembert!!!" Crunchy outside, soft inside, the cheese is served with seasonal berries, cashew nuts and honey. Soooo good!

Ahhhh, the food at The Peacock Garden is exquisite, delicious and unforgettable. And they even sneak it up on you while you're in the pool! We came out of our refreshing dip in the pool to find these fresh juices and moist pastry bars waiting for us! Oh, The Peacock Garden, we will be back for another delightful stay! 

To know more about The Peacock Garden and to book a stay at this exquisite place, click here.


  1. I can totally relate to your kids not being over their Bohol experience. I feel exactly the same, and the last time I was there was in 2013 pa! It's such a beautiful place kasi, so relaxing. Sarap talaga to go back.

    We stayed at a different resort, though, but I've also been checking out The Peacock Garden online, and parang I wanna go there next time. Sana that's soon! Hehe!

    1. Book before summer! They don't have a lot of rooms!!! =D

      Sigh. I love it there, too. My whole family does!!! Let's go!


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