The Mommy

Hi! My name is Frances. I'm a wife to Vince, the great love of my life, and mommy to Vito, Iñigo and Piero, the great loves of our lives.

My husband and I are both writers so it was inevitable that we share our parenting adventures. I started Topaz Mommy when I first became pregnant with our first son, Vito. I never dreamed of becoming a mother so when pregnancy and motherhood did happen, I was surprised by the fierce love and joy my new role brought me and continues to bring me every day. Many women celebrated my journey into motherhood—with all its trials and triumphs—and Topaz Mommy quickly gained readers, who have all become my great encouragers and partners in mothering.

I'm grateful that both my husband and I have careers that allow us to stay home and be with our little boys. It is an incredible privilege to be able to work and raise our children at the same time! Topaz Mommy especially has given me many opportunities. On top of being asked to write about motherhood and childcare for parenting magazines and websites, I've also become a digital ambassador and blog partner for many family-friendly brands like Pampers, Nivea Baby, Green Cross, Sangobion, Lotte Xylitol, and Smart Telecom. I am so glad that I'm a mom blogger!

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You can also find me on my lifestyle blog, Topaz Horizon, on Facebook as Topaz Horizon, and on Twitter and Instagram as @FrancesASales. I wish you a happy day!