Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby in red...

... is smiling at me! And when that cutie smiles, all the cares of the world just melt away. Happy Tuesday to you all!


  1. all red si baby Vito and carry nya:) so gwapito ng baby mo Ms. frances. I'm happy (after reading almost all your posts here and in Topaz Horizon) that you decided to finally have a baby (though para kang reluctant ka at first:)). Kahit ako ay natutuwa everytime makita ko si Vito here. parang nasubaybayan ko rin ang paglaki nya. God bless you and take care:)

  2. so cute talaga ni vito!
    sometimes when i see vito, parang your baby and my baby look alike, yun nga like chinita and girl version my baby! haha

  3. Ms. F, Vito is so handsome! Mas kahawig mo na siya, kuha niya eyes mo.

  4. Who's that big boy??? Didn't you give birth just yesterday???

    He looks like a very happy baby, Frances. Good job!


  5. lovely, lovely baby! he should/can do commercials soon!
    and the egg chair too! :)))

  6. Thanks thanks! Yes, he's the (red) apple of our eye =)


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!