Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tanglad tea is good for everybody

The past weekend was an exhausting one for me because hubby was sick. Still is actually. Now Vince is not a fan of taking medicines so I was despairing on how he can recover from his cough and colds. Then this morning I remembered my friend Jennie and how she raved about the benefits of tanglad tea. For you Thai food aficionados, that's lemongrass tea!

So off I went to the market and bought some tanglad leaves. And here's a photo essay on how to make some:
Wash leaves. You can steep it in white vinegar if you like.
Cut leaves into 1-inch sections.
Bring water to a boil.
Oh, this is just a pretty shot. Love all those green hues!
Boil leaves for 5 minutes. Turn off heat. Then steep for
5 to 15 minutes. It depends on how strong you want the tea.
Serve with calamansi and honey!
Easy! Vince loves lemongrass tea. I should always remember to make pitchers of this! I strongly recommend that you brew this tea for your family, too. With all the health benefits, this is one refreshing drink you and your family will most definitely enjoy.


  1. my mom always makes this. i know that it's good for the health but i abhor the scent & the taste.yes, abhor not just hate.i find it repugnant.

    it makes me gag just smelling it. my mum brews lemongrass because she has high blood pressure & it's been said that it's good for that.

    is there a way to get the goodness of lemongrass without making it as a tea of diluting it in liquid?i'm not sure about lemongrass capsules though...

    my mom doesn't cut it though, she just ties the leaves in a knot so it's easier to remove afterward.

  2. Haha, don't worry--you don't have to drink it =) There are many other healthy drinks. Green tea!

  3. i will remember this Ma'am Frances...how about sa toddler? is it ok for my 2-year old? he has cough and cold kasi:)

  4. will try this one but usually we drink malunggay juice, the process is just like how you made the tanglad tea ...

  5. hey, frances. lemongrass really goes well with slices of peeled ginger. i boil and steep lemongrass (leaves + thin slices of the soft white part of stems) together with peeled sliced ginger. i find that the combination is sweetish enough not to need honey. and the ginger adds to the germ-killing powers of the tea.

  6. Genejosh, I don't see why it can harm your baby. Maybe a small glass every meal is max na, though. Usually kasi at that age, milk is what they should be drinking most, diba?

    Cheer, oooh! I will try that malunggay juice!

    Sairo, I love ginger tea, too. There's a spicy warmth that's added to the citrusy taste. I actually sometimes add ginger but I was lazy when I made this batch =P

  7. Love the shots, Frances! :) Thanks for the linky love! Saw your txt late. My phones are forever on silent mode. :)

    I started giving Jed tanglad tea when he was around 2. It works like a charm on him when he has colds. :)

    I taught my helper to make tanglad tea too. She's an expert now. :)

  8. Hi Jennieeeee! My phones are also on forever silent mode haha

    Hi to Mr. Jed!

  9. It's also great at keeping mosquitoes away.

  10. Yes =) When I make tanglad tea, parang nawawala yung mga insects sa bahay!

  11. Thank you for sharing this! I remember one time when i really had a very bad cough my African friend taught me how to make a sweet ginger tea. Grate some ginger, boil it, then serve with lemon/calamansi and honey. Try it :) great cure for dry cough :)

  12. Thanks for sharing!

    My dad had fatty cholesterol. His meds for that gave him high blood sugar.

    We sought the advise of a naturopatist doctor and he said that whether it's medicines or traditional medicines, CONSISTENCY is the key = 3x a day. He can't brew 3x a day, daily.

    Therefore, we started using lemongrass hydrosol by Gold in Grass since 2006. His lab work are always normal, we just use lemongrass hydrosol as his "maintenance" and the regular doctor has not recommended any medicines.

    >Harold Samonte


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